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Poll: Do You Inject HCG With TRT?

POLL Do You Inject HCG With TRT? Only choose 1 please

  • YES
  • YES I did for a time but stopped HCG
  • NO

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Guys. Please Take the poll as it will help others (and me) in their research.

I do not see the point.

The issue should be using hCG or a SERM vs nothing at all. Some do not care about fertility because they are infertile or past making babies. This poll does not capture the situation, only a shadow.

Of course it does not capture all variables. It is a simple poll. Who is using HCG with trt. If I was interested in who was using a SERM than I would have done that. Please go ahead and create your own poll if you want to capture something differently.

How many would use hCG if:

  • their doctor would prescribe
  • if it was available in their country
  • if they could afford it
  • is their insurance would cover it

My world is different from yours. :slight_smile:

Yeah. That would be interesting to know.

Hey man I just took labs today and I need your expertise when I get the results. Specifically in adjusting my AI dosage. Thanks.

One last bump for this poll.

as KSMan noted, I would probably use HCG if my doctor prescribed it