Poll: Daily Protein Intake

About 2.2 grams per pound.

At 170lbs that’s 375 grams a day, it’s a pain in the ass, I drink protein like its water.

I usually take in between 450-550g/day

I’m 6’4", 270lbs.

Train 5x/week, approx. 90-120 minute training sessions, very high volume

[quote]Brett T. wrote:
And DAMN some of you guys are small.[/quote]


5’7" 152 lbs.

Be gentle, I just started at the beginning of the new year. I was 134 lbs then!


I get around 200g-300g of protein a day.

6’0" 230

I base my intake on LBM , which is around 198 lbs.

300-320g per day. Currently in maintenance mode.

I went to around 300-350 grams for a week and got huge fast. That was extremely expensive and hard to do. I think I drank 3 shakes and ate 3lbs of meat a day (1 beef 1 chicken 1 turkey). Got my carbs from fruit juice alone, because eating more was hard. Im a current beliver that more is better with protein.

Of course everyones differnt, use what works for you. If 130 works well, do 130. If 500 works well do 500.

6 ft, 220. I take in try for 300g sometimes I don’t get that but never less than 250g’s.

Actually, I quoted the stats incorrectly:

-.7 - .8 grams per KILO of bodyweight for an inactive individual

-1.1 grams per KILO of bodyweight for an athelete…

I know this arguement has probably gone round and round on this site before, but I’d just like to point out this is the only scientific evidence I’ve heard of.

But then, bodybuilders are bodybuilders. An “athlete” would have a lower protien requirement.

If 1.1 grams per KILO is sufficient for an athlete, than 1 gram per POUND makes sense…

But screw the logic. Whatever works, works. Again, that’s why I started this thread, to get a feel for what really works.

All that I’ve seen so far is that seemingly everybody here takes more protein than I do.

I would say before this poll of the successful bodybuilders I’ve met, I still get conflicting answers.

Regardless, this site is basically a supplement advertising site (not putting it down, I friggin’ love Biotest) so the people that find their way here are more likely to be in the high protein category.

You ever meet a big, ripped guy who tells you “don’t believe in that high protein bullshit?”.

I have. But lately, not nearly as often…

This is enough evidence for me to immediately up my protein intake.

Lemme go get my can opener…

I try to get as much as I can from regular foods and supplement with shakes. Between 200-250/day.

On a good day for gaining weight, probably around 250 grams of complete protein (eggs, cheese, meat and whey). I don’t know how much protein i get from nuts, grains and seeds, maybe along the lines of 60-80 grams.

I weigh around 183lbs.

I’m 5’5" 130 and take in 140-150g daily.