Poll: Daily Protein Intake


I’m interested to know how much protein the masses here take in daily, hence this poll.

I know there is some debate as to how much is required… like the .8 grams/pound for a non-active individual, 1.1 for an “athelete”…

The magazines tote “1 gram per pound”… but then, it is in their benifit to sell more protein.

But then, most of the successfull bodybuilders I know take in at least one gram per pound…

So: How much protein to you take in a day? (secondary you could add your weight, height, training intensity and frequency)

I take on average 130 grams a day. I’m 6’, 180 pounds… I train fairly high intensity 4x a week, plus 3 cardio sessions.

You’ll want to double that, my friend (assuming you’re going for growth). I’m training 4x/week w/ one cardio session. 5’8, 152 lbs., 300g protein daily (complete animal protein, that is. Additional amino acids come from seeds and whole grains, I’m not sure how much). Comb this section and read up on Lonnie Lowery and John Berardi you’ll find some creative, necessary info.

intake varies from 200g-300g per day depending on activity level. this at 175, 5’9".

Thanks for the replies so far. I forgot to mention I am typically talking only about complete proteins…

Although it might be interesting to know how a vegitarian bodybuilder combines incomplete proteins to make up his/her total.

And Puny, dude, I am pretty well read on my protein material, but thanks for the advice.

I find I don’t grow any faster at 200grams a day, but I do grow SLOWER at less than 100 a day. 130 works for me, for now. So I’m sticking to it. During a cutting phase I’ll up it to 200 or 250, but that’s to compensate for cutting carbs.

So T-Nation, how much protein do you eat?

6’1 215 lbs

400g+ a day when bulking

300g+ when not

5’8 - 175
200-230 grams per day

240-360 @ 240 from quality souces I dont count things like beans, grains, etc even though some are high in protein like gluten flour.


I’m cutting right now: 170lbs, 5’11", 200-250g protein a day.

low carbs and high fat too, but that has no bearing on this discussion.

5’8" 179

96g of protein through supps, between 120 - 142g through quality foods

~230-260g / day

Average from 11/24/2006 (when I started using FitDay) until yesterday: 245 grams of protein. I weigh from 213-216.


200-300 depending on the day of the week.

300-400 grams/day

6-1" 215

always high protein. i only cycle carbs

250g at 240lbs 6’1, I’m cutting right now.


5’9" and 245.

No idea how much I take. Don’t care anymore.

I haven’t taken any protein powder in many months, in which time I have gained both strength and size.

My advice? Eat first, worry about macronutrient breakdown later - unless it’s WILDLY out of proportion.

And DAMN some of you guys are small.

192 lbs
169lbs LBM

4 days a week weight training:
day off
two days off

2-days intervals/ or 100 yard sprints
2-days steady state cardio @ 20 mins

Currently about 250-275 grams per day.
Trying to gain


probaly a little over 400
190 and bulking
I’ve always had best results with 2x per bodyweight

[quote]KO421 wrote:
probaly a little over 400
190 and bulking
I’ve always had best results with 2x per bodyweight[/quote]

Thanks for the reply. What would an average days food intake look like?

5’6", 175- 225-250 gpd.