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Poll: ALPHA MALE Label

We need some very specific feedback regarding ALPHA MALE, the jacked up blend of TRIBEX and RED KAT using the nano-dispersion delivery system of MAG-10. What you’re seeing is an idea for the label. What we need to know is this:

Do you like the look? What’s your gut reaction to the label?

Please, no advice about marketing, names, formulation, etc. See the article <a href="http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/308tc.jsp"target=“new”>HERE if you have questions regarding the supplement itself, pricing etc.

Biotest would just appreciate your feedback on the look of the label.


It looks a little horror movieish to me. But since it is only being marketed to t-mag readers it is probably fine. I wouldn’t put it on the shelf at the local GNC.

Love the logo! Caught my attention as soon as I saw it…“There can only be one” sounds a little cheesy though. The rest is awesome though!

I like it! Sick and twisted just like your supplements are.

It looks a bit blurry. One of the upper canines is missing, as is an eye.

Hard to figure out what that thing is supposed to be. I see fangs, blades…its confusing.

Nice 3D effect, but personally it looks like the red tide gone bad

I like the blade type things coming out of the pic but maybe a redesign of the animal. The teeth and mouth just don’t do it for me.

Label looks pretty cool. I do like the idea of naming it ‘jacked’ better than alhpa male. If you also want an opinion on how well it works, just send a bottle to my place. Ill give you my most honest review. Make that two bottles. Actually, to be statistically significant, make that 10 bottles.

maybe show more of the facial features of king cong

Looks like your graphic designer went with the “Bat outta Hell” look.

I like it.

No, I dont like it at all…its too macabre, not what you would want a good supplement logo to be. kind of negative.

First reaction: what the hell is it?

I def like it! Its very aggresive, which is fitting. Maybe you can clean it up or make it a bit clearer…just my opinion tho…You could put a picture of an ink dot on there and we (t-mag readers) would still buy it…

im not down!! it looks too sci-fi. your best label has been the red cat one try to go with something along the lines of that. you might as well go with line art for alpha male seeing as your logo and the redkat logo are line art, it would be fitting.

Something more along the lines of a lupine look, rather than a Lovecraftian horror image, maybe?

Not that ANY label art is going to prevent me from ordering it ASAP.

Too weird and geekish. Simplify it. No need to concern yourself too much with the label since you’re only selling through your own website. Just get er done…

This label looks dangerously hardcore to me. I love it
flagstaff az

I don’t like it.

First reaction: “wtf?”

Second reaction: “I still don’t know what the hell that is”

I don’t like it at all. When I first saw it I thought wtf is that, and it looks too sci fi almost as if someone made a trophy out of the mouth of one of the aliens from Aliens. I also have to agree it’s pretty confusing and I really don’t know what to make of it.

That being said…I’ll be buying the product no matter what the label is b/c your supplements have always surpassed my expectations.