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poll: age/politics

quick poll:

what is your age?

what is your political affiliation?

what education do you have?

just curious :D->-<

Ok… I’ll be the first to bite.

Age: 27
Political Affiliation: R
Education: Ummmm… Self? Never really had any respect for the whole traditional education system… It has always seemed that it resembles the military and other societal institutions. It provides a tool for those who wish to use it. Those that could care less, get nothing. The main problem is that it caters to those that care not. Therefore, it was a waste of my time. Lastly, most of the people who work for me have Bachelor’s and some have Master’s.

Morg: You should have included income and religious affiliation.

Income: 115,000 (plus or minus for consulting. My income, not household.)
Religion: Atheist

Bachelors Degree in Business Adimistration and Sports Management

Bachelors Degree in sports management and business administration

26 Unaffiliated
PhD candidate in science

Politics: Republican, but I also believe in pragmatics, which puts me at odds with them often times (abortion, sex ed, etc.) Have some libertarian tendencies as well.

Age: 24

Education: B.A. Music Studies, currently in finals week of my first semester of Law School.

age: 23
education: graduating in april, plans for grad school afterwards (got to apply & get accepted 1st of course)
polical affiliation: none; I’ve got no unhealthy superficial loyalty to any party, I vote for my reps as individuals & for ideas & nothing more. (I think Jack Layton of the NDP is doing a good job though, if anyone knows what that means)

Age: 24

B.S.in Political Science
Completing a B.S. in Exercise science

24, republican, 2nd year of collage

Age: 29

Politics: Small “l” libertarian with right-leaning tendencies on national defense issues.

Education: B.S. Economics; B.A. U.S. History; minor Chemistry; from University of California, San Diego. Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt

Profession: Big-firm corporate lawyer, Boston, MA.

31, lawyer and republican.

centrist democrat…
bach deg in health and human performance …currently in grad school…

19 , rupublican, 2nd year of school.

33 years old and currently a Democrat, though I have been favoring local Republican candidates.

Working on a degree in Business Management with a focus on Sports Team Management.

Morg, you didn’t bite on this one yourself.

36 and a democrat though I don’t hold any strict party affiliations. Basically I vote for the better candidate (or the lesser of 2 evils depending on how you look at it). I took 2 years of Business Management at Miami (Go Canes) and am currently working on a BA in Culinary Arts / Nutrition.

When are you going to answer these questions?

age: 23
Political Affiliation: R
Undergrad: B.S. in Computer Engineering
Grad: Seeking PhD in Government and Politics


No affilation formally. I lean toward Republican and Libertarian and have since I was 21 or so. I’ve been known to vote for Democrats on the occaision I find one with a brain and integrity…so not often.

Education. High school. A couple of years of military training in electrical repair, power plant operation (nuclear, steam, and some diesel), metalurgy, heat transfer and fluid flow, hydraulics…stuff like that. I’m self taught in how to raise trout and salmon commercially although I no longer do so.

Religion? Hell no. Why use a crutch when I can walk just fine?

Money. I guess around $100K. I could make more but I couldn’t spend much time with my family and that’s worth more than money and toys I’ve found.

Age: 32

Politics: Republican and Libertarian

Education: Bachelor’s plus…

Profession: Air Force Officer/Medical Officer

Jesus Christ/God is my Lord and savior.

Steeleyeyes…just curious…what happens when you die?
Please dont’ be offended…this isn’t a test…just a question…