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Politician Age Limits

I’m not usually the reactionary type when it comes to big-time policy or constitutional changes, but I think it is time to put age LIMITS on elected leaders. I think there’s a lot to be said about mental acuity, having a long-term stake in the game and putting some form of term limits in place.

We’re gonna make a loooooooot of ventilators. Incredible things are happening. It’s too bad. We had a signing ceremony, etc, etc.

Nope. I’m generally pro-Trump in terms of actual policy decisions. I work in an industry with DPA contracts. But I’ve had enough rambling grandpa leadership. Biden’s no better.

I honestly think both of those guys are coming from a good place. But it’s all wrapped up in whatever their human experience has been up to their advanced age, including their health, wealth and whatever mental quirks make them unique, just like all of us are.

I’ll fire shots. I think the floor is good where it is for president. 35 to 65 is a good window for public service in today’s society. I think you need to have done something before you enter, and I think you need to leave when you’ve still got plenty of skin in the game.


I actually think this is a great age span for the job. I really want my chief executive to be able to communicate clearly–so I know what he’s talking about…and so I know that HE KNOWS what he’s talking about. I can’t take someone seriously who can’t at least communicate reasonably well.

I also want someone to live long enough to have to deal with the consequences of policy choices :joy:

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The guy with Secret Service protection for life is going to have to deal with the consequences of his choices.

As far as skin in the game, I think grandchildren are probably more skin in the game than a few decades as an ex president. Ex presidents never experience life as average Americans, but their grandchildren might.

Term limits are needed and the fact that no one in power ever seems to bring it up is a huge example of the actual swamp that needs to be drained.

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I’m seeing two barely coherent geezers vying for the Presidency in times of crisis.

I’m sure Trump and Biden care deeply for their children.

We still have a pair of rambling old grandpas vying for the presidency. This can work when times are good. Times are not good.

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That’s okay. Times weren’t so good when Joe Biden confronted Corn Pop and his gang in the pool parking lot either. We all know how that worked out. Corn Pop is dead, and Joe Biden is a former Vice President now running for President.

True but we also have no one to blame but ourselves. These old grandpa’s went through a lot of contenders.

That said I’m for it but like term limits we need it to protect ourselves. We apparently aren’t smart enough to decide these things as a whole.

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I’m not for age limits. I’m also not for term limits. I can’t see any advantages to either. The only case I can see being made in their favor is: The electorate is too stupid to make sensible decisions. The solution, in that case, would seem to be making it tougher to become a voter.

Let’s get something clear here boys, I’ve been drinking a disproportionate amount of my beer stockpiles that were intended to last for the next five years, and now I’m posting on the internet.

This is true.

It is also true that many politicians will be unmotivated to vote themselves out of a job.

The libertarian in me agrees with this, yet here we are.

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Could be worse. Joe Biden hasn’t wrapped a chain around our heads.


Let’s get something else clear: There is probably no better time than now to be posting on a message board about dipshits in politics.

I’d guess your average politician and President is a sociopath…so, I wouldn’t bet much on that if I were you…

What do you mean? Political experience? I’m kind of a fan of mandatory military experience.

No I mean basically anything other than political experience. Run a business. Be a professional. Be a soldier. Be a wage slave. Experience life in America to a meaningful degree, then come back and help us shape public policy.

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Does having Soda Pop Curtis’s back during a gang fight count?

If so, Biden is the man!


I agree. Maybe less so on the being a professional, but being a soldier or something. I think more politicians need to be able to understand the average American. Farmers, soldiers, minimum wage workers, etc.

It’s only so much of a protection anyways. Trump essentially said mind blowing things like the entire time he ran and other Republican nominees still got crushed. I mean they are in the corner talking policy at debates and he’s just loudly shouting fuck a national debt I’ll negotiate the shit out of that and I’ll print so much money it will never happen. And while I’m at it we’re building a wall with Mexico footing the bill, I’ll balance the budget and won’t touch entitlements. While the other 16 are snickering like no way is he a threat he’s wiping the floor with them.

I mean age limits don’t keep people from absolutely ignoring what people are saying. So the main protection is I guess us saying we think this makes it less likely for the person to have age related mental issues.

We can still fuck it all up just with people who are 52 instead of 65. What protects us from having Clinton vs Trump? Two insanely unpopular people and you’re bound to be stuck with one of them. Whichever fix makes that less likely to happen is the one I’m for.

Posted a president resume wishlist on TN several years ago.

Military experience
Legislative experience - preferably Fed but okay with state
Executive experience - either corporate or huge city or state

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This would make sense. But being wealthy and connected are two massive advantages which is why most who run are one of those two. So we are less likely to see people like that be successful. The deck is stacked against them.

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All of our systems are being stressed right now, and no matter your opinion on him you have to acknowledge that Trump is being stressed in ways that none of us are, or probably ever have been. It is a crazy thought to think, but Donald Trump is currently experiencing an extreme of human existence that is unprecedented in all of human history.

If I was his age with his wealth I would be nowhere near the Office of the Presidency. But he is still manning the post, and that deserves respect, even if I’d rather it be someone else.

I have no idea how I would respond, and neither do you.

I predict Biden’s going to wrap a chain around COVID-19’s neck and save us all forever!


I have no idea what this is about. I wasn’t speaking about anything about what’s going on currently. I was saying an age limit doesn’t protect against an electorate choosing bad candidates. I can only assume that you misread me? When I said ran I meant ran for the nomination.

Nothing that I said had to do with the current situation or saying that he doesn’t deserve respect or is going through an easy time. Think our wires got crossed somehow.