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Politically Incorrect Ads


Prepare to laugh! These ads would never be allowed today! My personal favorite is the ad for a Kenwood mixer. It says "The chef does everything but cook...thats what wives are for"


No, your favorites are the ones where blacks are shown in a poor light (to say the least).

You're not fooling anyone, HEADHUNTER.


Hey clip

Blood on my knife


Spit on my dick

Your choice


Wow guys, it's not the worst thread idea ever.

By the way, anyone know my bodyfat percentage?
<------insert shoe


Pic of white german shepherd Gabe at 7.5 weeks old with Maine Coon Regan.


Gabe the white german shepherd at 7 months old with white female owner "Clip". Random avatar not random enough.


LOl! Effin' Roybot solves it!

Clip, why don't you get your white old ass outta here once and for all?