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Political T-Shirts (Bush Lovers Beware)

Here are some humorous T-shirts I’ve seen this year. I’m sure the Kerry haters will find and post some of their own.

I (heart) Bush, the pussy not the president

George Bush Killed Superman!

Pigfucking Moronic Inbred Losers For Bush

eat BUSH, suck DICK, just don’t vote for them

Will Kill for Oil (photo of Bush with sign)

Like a Rock, Just Dumber (photo of Bush)

Democrats are Sexy (whoever heard of a great piece of elephant?)

Absolute Moron (photo of Bush with Absolute bottle)

BUSH another word for cunt

Bush is a Retard!

Kerry/Edwards are hot! And so is Michael Moore.

Feels Better with No Bush (girl riding screw)

If You’re Not Pissed, You’re Not Paying Attention.

KERRY’S LANDSCAPING SERVICE “Let U.S. KERRY away your unwanted Bush!”

You Can’t Be Pro-War and Pro-Life!

Buck Fush

Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing an idiot.

my personal favorite is

“I’ll bet you’ll vote this time Hippie”
found on t-shirt hell

as well as

“baby killers”

I saw one - “The last time we listened to a Bush we ended up wandering in the desert for 40 years!”

I like Bush and I voted for him, but that is still funny.

Me Solomon Grundy

I saw a sign from a bush supporter that said “Ban Gay Abortion”…