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Political Spectrum Problem

Are Rebublicans conservative? Are Liberals and Progressives the same thing? Are the right/left labels properly applied? Is there really any difference between the actions of either dominant party?

Murray Rothbard (1968)
Substitute the word ‘terroist’ for ‘communist’ and it could have been written yesterday.



I just wanted to say it is nice to see someone referencing Murray Rothbard. I feel like this forum has come a long way since I first started posting here.

I see the political spectrum in only one dimension: on one side there are people who believe in and use political control to bring about what they perceive to be ideal circumstances for everyone; on the other end of the spectrum are people who believe individual freedom, who understand that political control always brings about the opposite of what is ideal.

I’ve come to realize that politics in general is inherently corrupt.

My thinking goes like this: both or all parties want some sort of external control, and for those that don’t, they tend to advocate freedom to everything. While it’s true that I may be free to do certain things, that doesn’t mean I have an inherent natural right to do so. So government is always bound to fail because it either ignores natural law through its legal positivism, or it seeks to enforce natural law externally, which is self-contradictory. The only way for us to have a perfect society is for all to live, willingly, according to natural law.

Now, I don’t think that can happen outside of the millenium, but I think individuals who strive so to live are in a far better position personally than others.

Just my thoughts. It may not make much sense, since this is almost 2 am.