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Political Red Pill Thread: wtf, 'Murrica

He has a point about the celebrities. Why in the world should we care Cher thinks about politics? Reminded me a little bit of this Trump ad. Pretty funny.

Otherwise, I can’t listen to Bill Burr.

I know I’m the girl in the locker room here, and obviously if it really offended me I wouldn’t talk lifting or life here, but his language is distracting. Once you’ve said it 10 times, it starts to feel like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. He’s mastered it’s use in every part of speech. From Tom Wolfe’s I am Charlotte Simmons

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I like Bill Burr mainly because he talks me and a lot of people I know. I don’t type like that though, because in talking it just happens very fluidly.

Had a general manager for a while that actually looked and sounded like him. The start of shift “toolbox talks” that we had were a really hard 15 min. to not laugh.


Ha! About language, one time I teased someone in another forum about washing his mouth out with soap. Another poster had made a sort of middle-aged mom joke. I can’t remember what. Anyway, I was laughing and sort of giving it back to him, but it went badly. He thought I was telling him to clean up his language or something and got really ticked. I think that’s only the second time at TN where I’ve got in sort of a misunderstanding with someone who got mad. And I wasn’t even trying!! Haha! AC and I got into it one time, but we apologized to each other. This form of communication can go very wrong. I have to be a little careful with my dry sense of humor, and with sarcasm.

Well, just so you know, I’m not very easily offended and I can pick up on the friendly tone of your posts.

Actually, for content and delivery, I’d put you at the top. If I were pissed about something you put up I’d have to wonder what it is in me that is being offended.


This election should teach celebreties to shut the fuck up and just do your art. They had zero effect on opinions all they do is serve to alienate half their potential fans. Why would you do that? Like I trust Miley Cyrus for political advice?
She rubs her pussy on stage and whacks-off a fake penis on stage and she’s going to tell me trump is lewd? Go fuck yourself Miley.
Or Gaga protesting with the people and then rides off into the sunset in her Rolls Royce Phantom, yeah she gets us. She knows our pain. Go fuck yourself gaga. Your stupid and your music sucks. Everybody sounds like a superstar when your processed through a computer you talentless whore.
Oh Pink supports clinton? Oh well, I was going to think for myself, but since a pop star supports clinton, I will vote for her!
Clearly she knowes what issues are relevant to me and my family, she fuck both men and women thats as good a resume as anything… Ijits


Thanks. Back at ya. This is the thread I was talking about SkyzykS. Post 26 to the bottom. Haha! Apoklyps made a joke about me posting porn. It was very funny. Then it kinda spiraled down. :slight_smile:

I can really only remember two times where I got into sort of a scuffle here. Even Professor X was nice to me. Well, there was a troll one time making comments about short people on a Manlet thread, but that doesn’t count, since he was just being a jerk to everybody.

Well! He certainly told You!

Also confirms my theory of the internetz- Don’t mess with someone who had a bad ass avatar.

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For sure. Note to self. Don’t mess with people with a bad ass avatar or screen name with xxx in it.

He did tell me to “Have a nice life!” There wasn’t a smiley emoticon to go with it, but I’m gonna assume sincerity. Good times.

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The false outrage and hypocrisy over lewd comments, and racist, homophobe, misogynist labels put me over the edge. I despise the fact that a NY billionaire is passing himself off as a “man of the people,” but so called “progressives” will never get that because they refuse to think for themselves. They live in a binary, black and white universe with no empathy for those who think differently and no ability to engage in rational discourse. At least that’s the case with the ones I’ve come across, and they’re often otherwise intelligent people. It appears that we stopped teaching critical thinking skills in college (and even in law schools judging by some things I’ve seen at my old law school) around the time I graduated. I’ve had my best discussions with people with different ideological viewpoints, but the ability to continue to do so is fading fast. That makes me far more fearful for the country than the mere election of our current buffoon (who I’m giving a chance considering Hillary already had hers, and she demonstrated an unbelievable ability to disconnect herself from truth and yet still stay popular with the press). No, I’m not optimistic.


I think it put a lot of people over the edge. No matter how hard we try, we cannot be tolerant enough. Then the left comes up with one of the most racist terms in the history of racism “White Privilege”. A term that means, simply by virtue of the color of your skin, you are completely incapable of understanding anything about anybody but whiteness. That you are inherently racist and are defacto unable to speak in any kind of intelligent matter on race or gender and hence are encouraged to shut up and let the adults talk and solve the issues.
The PC terminology put me over the edge a long time ago… Mansplaining, white privilege, trigger warnings, safe spaces. It’s utter madness! That people actually think this way is an utter lack of reason or logic at it’s most elementary level. It’s an insult to the most moderate intelligence. Hell its an insult even to stupidity.

When you try to shut people up and treat them like children, they get pissed and the find the biggest “Fuck You” they can find and they implement it.

That’s why I said this election result is solely the fault of the left and the left alone. They had everything going for them except for the truth. People figured that out all on their own and they were sick of it.

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In the PC religion of the secular left, Trump was a blasphemer. Really. He said not nice things about some protected groups. I’m not excusing him, but it’s amazing to me that we’ve brought blasphemy back. They don’t think it’s a religion, but it is. Straight out of the dark ages.

The left’s attitudes on GMOs are the equivalent of not eating pork. It’s a purity ritual, with no real basis in science. Listening to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow testify about GMOs is the equivalent to Miley Cyrus talking about politics. It’s a religion for her, just like being against immunizations became part of the religion for some of the lefty celebrities. Whole Foods is the new church, and they are trying to keep themselves pure from pesticides and preservatives. They’re taking the moral high ground, keeping their bodies free from sin/ impurities. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about any of this, but it’s taken on a religious fervor.

Funny stuff. “In a survey this year, 84 percent of respondents said they support GMO labels. But a nearly identical percentage—80 percent—in the same survey said they’d also like to see labels on food containing DNA. The study, published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal, also found that 33 percent of respondents thought that non-GM tomatoes “did not contain genes” and 32 percent thought that “vegetables did not have DNA.” So there’s that.

This is what happens when we care about what celebrities think about science, politics, etc…


You are growing on me. I’ve been watching this religious-like zeal grow for 30 years with some concern, and you hit the nail on the head. It will be interesting how far it goes before the tide turns. I keep seeing witches burn.

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Growing on you?! Don’t mess with my Puff. If she were running, she would get my vote.

Puff for pres. 2020


Cool. I’m just getting to know you a little bit since I started posting more in this forum just before the election, but I think we both are on the fiscally conservative but socially liberal side of things? I’m a religious conservative in my personal life, but I take a more Libertarian stand on social issues, because I put a really high value on personal freedom. I think there are quite a few of us here who have that in common.

Blushing a little. Thanks, but lets hope it doesn’t come to that! Ha! I’d have to write someone else in. I have a pretty superficial grasp of anything related to money or foreign policy, but I’m going to try to get up to speed a little bit this year.


In that case you’d fit right in with the Washington crowd


Foreign Affairs and the Financial Times are great places to start

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I think it’s a good goal and I certainly recommend gaining knowledge, but keep in mind it’s just a forum, nobody here is an expert (some think they are but they are not). A well informed opinion is good enough.
I am a product of international affairs. My parents literally, actually and for real escaped the communist governments of Czechoslovakia and Cuba. Literally declared asylum right in front of communist police and escaped with the clothes they had on and nothing else but a few Czech crowns which were basically worthless. With my brother en utero. So international affairs have always been a part of my life.

All we had was each other. No grand parents, no uncles or aunts, no cousins. Couldn’t see them. We were not allowed to travel to see them and they were not allowed to see us.

An event that means a tremendous amount to me, half the people on this forum weren’t even born when it happened. When communism fell, it was unbelievable. We never dreamed it possible. I still get goose bumps from reminders of it. It was everything to us. I finally got to meet my family, something that was completely prohibited to us.
We could not go even where regular Americans could go because of the circumstances of my parents escape. We were forbidden, could not get visas.
Then, out of the blue Communism fell and the world was a completely different place. And it was literally out of the blue. 1990 was a really happy year.


I think you’d be surprised by the people who are online and in forums.

No I wouldn’t. I have been doing this a while, I have met quantum physicists, doctors, scientists, etc. I am not saying there are not brilliant people out there. I have met lots of interesting people.
Politics is a little different… everybody has opinions but nobody is an expert, not even the politicians.

Thanks. I’ve been a subscriber of the WSJ for many years, but I tend to skip over the sections that are hard for me to understand, or are less interesting. I know I have a mental block about things related to math. I had to have a couple of graduate level classes in statistics, and stats are a little more intuitive to me, but the kinds of things I deal with in my field are pretty basic. I’m trying to listen to some economics lectures, and just read more. Thanks for the suggestions.