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Most people in these forums seem to be reasonably intelligent, so let’s start a thread to see where people stand politically. I will start us on the issue of Reparations fo r Slavery, what does everyone think? Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists, everyone is welcome. Vent!

Who here remembers Rawhide?

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The sins of the fathers are not the sins of the sons.

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I agree with you there Brider. I personally never did anything wrong to the black race.

Uh . . . the Republicans are the ones who ENDED slavery. Remember that guy named Abe Lincoln?

Please – I know that black people in the US are better off than blacks most anywhere else, esp. Africa – but do you really expect them to pay us? To begin with, the blacks alive now in the US are not the ones that were brought over from Africa. If we say that debt can be inherited, than we have to prove that a current black citizen is decended from slaves to get him to pay up. Who will admit it? And how do we prove that a given white’s ancestor was involved in the slave trade? The logistics of the thing are nightmarish, and even if we get past that, how do we put a price on a boat trip 300 years ago? Do we need some complex algorithim that takes into account the condidtions during and after the trip, and current black conditions here vs conditions in Africa? The entire thing is silly. Let’s just celebrate the fact that we have black citizens, and enjoy the breadth and depth that they bring to our culture in so many areas. Surely that is enough. To ask them for money seems ungratelul, IMHO.

Abe Lincoln had slaves stupid. The North didnt like the way that the South had things set up, and they had to work like a bunch of little hoes…

Where would the money come from? American taxpayers? What if your ancestors wern’t slaveowners? what if your family came to America after the civil war? What if you desended from someone who died fighting in the union army? Who today is responsible for slavery?

Points of historical interest:

Abe Lincoln owned a slave.

General Lee actually lived north of the Mason-Dixon line.

The whole idea is ridiculous on any theory of liability that actually ties to responsibility. However, that didn’t stop a cadre of dubious legal “professionals” including Johnnie Cochrane from filing suit against a group of corporations that were supposedly somehow connected with the slave trade (most were not in existence at the time but were somehow corporate descendants.

Check out this link for more info: http://www.nationalreview.com/ lopez/lopez040302.asp (as usual, delete any spaces that are in the link due to the technical aspects of posting it on this forum).

Hey Dr. Hazzard, I know that Abe Lincoln had slaves, “Stupid.” I also know that he freed them, and ultimately all of those in the entire nation. Jackass.

Just curious since I am NOT a history buff, but was America the only country to own black slaves? Was America solely responsible for slaves being kidnapped from their homes, or were some of the slaves sold to traders by other Africans? I think I would have a problem paying my money to somehow make reparations ofr a crime I did not commit. And if it came from taxes, who would be excluded? BTW, I have Native American blood running through my veins (Echota Cherokee Tribe-Bear Clan), can I get paid for what settlers did to my great-great grandfathers?

Show me a slave, and I will pay him reparations…Decendants don’t count.

The idea of reparations is ridiculous. This kind of stuff stems out of the “gimme gimme gimme” nature of modern law and politics… if you can blame someone else, do, and so them while you’re at it. Besides, the carpetbaggers and former slaves had their chance to rape the South right after the war.

If you want money, get a job. But then, joining a class action lawsuit is easier.

Great sounds good, everyone should just sue everyone else and get it over with

make you a deal, we pay those damaged by slavery after all other offending countrys pay also including african nations, then the slave decendants pay back any benifits recieved for being a minority, then return to country of origin, banned forever from the USA.

No the U.S was not the only country to have black slaves. The African slave trade actually began before the U.S won independence. Many European countries (especially Great Britain) engaged in the African slave trade going back to the 16th century. Most of these slaves ended up in European colonies including what is now the U.S, many caribbean countries and even Canada. The U.S just happened to be the last country to outlaw slavery. This was mostly due to the fact that so much of the southern state’s labour intensive economy depended upon slavery.

The protestants burned my great grandfather O’Shaughnessy’s potato farm in Galway down in 1875 and I want to be paid for it NOW! Of course, the Irish follow the English Common Law system and such a ridiculous lawsuit would not be entetained there. Only in America, which is ruled by the American Bar Association, can people bring nonsensical legal action and be heard. I wonder who makes the money on these suits? Hmmmmmm?

no way, but if anyone deserves any type of reparations it would be the indians.

I better get a slave if I am going to be paying for one.