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Political Ideologies and Their Effect on Society


If street work doesn’t require a license, how do you know who is working as to mandate testing? How can you conduct checkups of the premises when there is no “base” to check up on?

How do you ensure the girls aren’t being pimped out if the individual doesn’t apply for a difficult to get license that requires rigorous vetting on behalf of themselves? Without regulation how can you ensure employees aren’t forced to work inhumane hours?

I’m not an expert, but I know it’s far more difficult ensure safe working conditions are upheld with Street prostitution.

Brothels aren’t perfect, but they’re better than the alternative paradigm the US has wherein pimping, sexual violence, assault, STD’s and murder aren’t all that uncommon when encompassing this paradigm

It’s a lesser of two evils relative to locking up the poor girls who have perhaps been trafficked for upwards of a decade due to lack of regulation and subsequent criminalisation.

Well, I think that explains it.

I’m not sure how pimping works in Australia. In Asia, there are sex syndicates that traffic girls but these are relatively easy to stamp out. Most girls who choose to work as freelancers in the sex trade GET pimps who help them find clients and navigate territorial issues when it comes to gang turfs. The pimps work for them, not the other way around.

It’s very rare here, but if/when it does occur it’s typically related to organised crime. Similar to the model of US massage parlour pimping. Immigrants are granted entry under the guise of working a job or something.

“I paid for your ticket, work for me until this is paid off”

The work is sex work…

This has peaked my interest.

My interpretation of your post is that you have developed an idea as to why it exists but wish not to share because it is perhaps an unsavoury thought.

In modern times. It is all ridiculous. But up until very very recently in our evolutionary history it would have undoubtedly served some utility.

Didn’t read the article.

To hell with the Andrews government. System seems to work well why change it. Not that I have ever used it.

Perhaps not, Brickhead has detailed some ideology in the past that has been misinterpreted, leading to some assholes (including myself initially… Sorry) piling on him without adequate merit.

Now it almost appears as if some scour his posts on PWI looking for anything they possibly can to justify criticism.

It also needs to be noted brickhead’s public identity is attached to his profile. If my identity were to be attached to my profile I wouldn’t post like 70% of the stuff I post

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We don’t even have that system here. The girls from overseas pay off an agent who does all these things for them FIRST - entry visas, work permits, fake jobs etc - then they go find work in the red light district.

I’m assuming it’s an avenue out of poverty… Albeit a very sad one

Or do the girls actually enjoy the work? Quite a few in Aus do, particularly the high end private escorts.

They’re not making any money now though :rofl:

That’s what I was thinking. Some escorts were complaining about the legality surrounding “in-calls” to which I’d say… Sure, legalise that for private, licensed escorts… But not Street prostitution.

Hey man. Should know by now I am keen to hear everyones take. Regardless of savouriness. Can’t offend me.

Plus I know Brickheads a good dude.


But then you’ll have others who pile on because they feel like ruining someone’s day. We can say “stop”, but those piling on are behind a screen and likely don’t/won’t listen

Not really. It depends on where the girls are from. Lots of girls I met from China found it was easy money during the property boom in the mid 2000s. That was their main goal. Get in the trade, work your ass off and earn as much money in as little time as possible and go home and buy shit. I have a friend who worked for a couple of years to buy a couple of properties in Shenzhen. Some time later she helped my wife and I get an apartment there lol.

True story. I was at a KTV where lots of China girls freelance at. I heard screaming in one room and saw one girl showing her bank book to some old dude. After closing hours, we took a couple of girls out for supper and that same girl joined us so naturally I asked what was going on.

She said the old dude was disrespecting her because she was from China so she showed him how much she had in her bank account. It was over $300,000 USD lol. She was screaming that he’d never see this kind of money in his life and it was probably true given that the place I was at usually consisted of mid to lower income clients.

If this is the trend in Australia, it would be silly for the government not to get them registered as tax payers.

Girls from Vietnam and Thailand are known to be less “money minded” and more fun loving. I can’t really say I could tell. I did notice this about Filipinos, though.

#noneofthisistrue #imadeitallup

To note, whilst the prostitution in Thailand isn’t “sex trafficking” it’s a very sad paradigm

Girls come in from rural/poor villages, some of them underage; looking to find a job in the city to support their families.

The best offer on the table as to accrue enough money to support families + themselves is prostitution, because that way one can make say 10x the income (or more) relative to a working at a restaurant or something.

Hypothetically if you had done this… To my knowledge you aren’t doing anything illegal.

Again, it depends. I’ve never patronized any girl who was part of an illegal syndicate/gang so I wouldn’t know what goes on at that end. I know how to tell when they’re part of one because I grew up knowing how gangs function. The ones whom I’ve known were pretty smart/streetwise and chose to enter this industry because they knew it was lucrative.

Village girls? Lol. The fact that these girls managed to get into freelancing in an industry like this (in Thailand) is already quite a feat if you take into consideration all the government authorities and underworld shit they have to navigate. You end up paying off BOTH SIDES to leave you alone lol. I don’t think the city dwellers would be as savvy as them. Now think about the ones who manage to go overseas and get the locals there to get them in.


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Thailand is authoritarian right?

At at the very least a hybrid regime. They’re a monarchy, but I’ve read about how they treat protestors, those who speak out against the government, prison conditions etc.

What goes on at the street level is a different thing altogether. It goes back to what I’ve been saying many times before. You can’t stop vice if your enforcers are corrupt and have people in power covering their asses for a piece of the pie.

Thailand is a constitutional monarchy but with military characteristics.

When you see these fellows get fucked in the news, these are done for publicity during specific events or when the government suddenly decides to spend a week to a month “cleaning things up” and launches a temporary operation to appease the public. It’s all for show. Nothing really changes. Things will be back to normal in a couple of weeks. In normal times the cops can’t even be bothered to apprehend these fellows or they’ll have to write reports and shit.

What’s really happening is they’re arresting the dumber ones. The smart ones will already have been tipped off prior to this by internal contacts. If you’re dumb, you won’t last long doing this shit anyway.

I’ve heard in Thailand officers take bribes, not sure how widespread this is.

Purportedly cops sometimes target tourists, knowing they’ll be able to scare them and instantaneously acquire a payment akin to what they’d earn in a month

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All institutions in developing nations in South Asia are corrupt. There are no exceptions.

Byproduct of systemic poverty? autocratic rule?

Institutional corruption happens here too, but it’s “under the table” so to speak.

Poverty (past and/or present) and human nature.

I posted this in The Stupid Thread as a joke:

Why are there over 50,000 “chess and card rooms” in the first place when gambling is illegal lol?