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Political Correctness Run Amok


It's like an espisode of The Twilight Zone. But worse.

Post your stories of politcal correctness here.

I challenge anyone to find a worse case.


In my 7th grade Spanish class the same thing came up when we all had to repeat the word. That is just too much. What other Spainish word for black can be used in its place?


About the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. And what kills me, is the freakin' teacher is BLACK!


Nnnnnawwww I smell a rat here...this is bullshit...there's more to this story than meets the eye,
and you're giving her WAY too much credit she's telling the truth in the first place.

And what do you mean worse than the Twilight Zone?, that was a great show.


"Was geht, meine Negger?"

Quite a few, actually: mayate, moreno, moyeto, chardo, cocolo...

Oh, wait, you mean the color black.

I agree, it's all pretty silly. I wonder if any German teachers were ever fired for telling the class what the former governor of California's last name means.


No Obama in that stack of timber, Varqanir.

Schwarz=black, Egge= harrow, could also be an archaic noun for "acre".

So his ancestor was maybe a dude who plowed with a black harrow, or perhaps he owned a patch of very fertile, dark earth.


Huh. Mystery solved. Of course, inasmuch as the aforementioned teacher was fired simply for uttering the neutral Spanish word negro, the hypotheticical German teacher would still be in trouble for saying schwarz.

Wouldn't you agree, Afrikanische-Amerikaner-fahrer? :stuck_out_tongue:


Would he not be a African European fahrer?


He would, were it not for the fact that the only approved Newspeak term for "black" is "African-American."

I once had an amusing exchange with a gentleman on these forums, who was a white man born in South Africa. He was months away from acquiring United States citizenship, and I quipped that once he had done so, he could correctly refer to himself as "African-American."

He said he tried that once. His black friends thought it was hilarious, whereas his white friends were quite offended.

Go figger.


The whole Paula Dean thing is PC run amok


I had an English Professor once, who was white, and African-American; born in Africa, and native to the country. He told us he got lots of looks form people when filling out forms and checking the box for African American. It's like people can't grasp the fact that people with other than dark skin are born in Africa. More amusing to me is that we have tons of black people who's families have been in America multiple generations, yet consider themselves African-American. It's so ridiculous how PC we make this crap.


I have never understood this.

When your kid gets made fun of at school for being short or having freckles or something else about themselves that makes them stand out we tell them to be proud of who they are. The minute you own something no one can use it to hurt you but as a society we have done just the opposite. Instead of telling a group of people to be proud of who they are as people we created a stigma. By saying African-American you are telling that person they can't be proud of there skin color and who they are. I think the phrase itself is more of an insult than just acknowledging the shade of their skin pigment.


Race= Each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

maybe if the box asked Nationality he would then be correct


The major divisions of humankind being defined as "caucasoid", "negroid", and "mongoloid", three terms as antiquated and un-PC as you might hope to find.

Those check boxes are not there to coax people into identifying their biological phenotype. They are there for entirely political reasons. An American born in Africa checking a box marked "African-American" is an admirable way of thumbing one's nose at the whole charade.

If a black man born in Papua New Guinea holding a British passport was spotted walking the streets of New York City, he would undoubtedly be identified as "African American", an assumption that would be dead wrong on both counts.


I would agree it is an admirable way to thumb your nose , but a White person with American Parents born in Africa would be African American in Nationality but not Race . His true origin would be African

Same as a Black man born in America would not check Africa in the Authority box of a Passport he would check United States


But a Black person with American Parents born in America would be African American in nationality, and also in Race?



"If a black man born in Papua New Guinea holding a British passport was spotted walking the streets of New York City, he would undoubtedly be identified as "African American", an assumption that would be dead wrong on both counts."

That's a ''no shit Sherlock'' kind of statement that unfortunately needs to be delineated, and Varanquir
a very nice man to cater to the numbskulls explaining that theoretical to them that can't see day for night

Going one step further with it to assist in 'catering' (heh), why aren't brown skinned Egyptians and Libyans living here called African-Americans?
They never are, they're African-Americans too in every respect, so why is it only a term reserved for black skinned people here?

How many licks does it take to get the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?....Fuckifino.
How big is your tongue, how much saliva is on it? What's the diameter of the Lollipop?
If I'm Impatient and bite into that sonofabitch to get to the center and that lollipop
happened to be dark Chocolate color on the inside and out, does that make me racist?
Does it make me Gay because I like Lollipops? Kojak liked lollipops, and he wasn't Gay OR Racist.


Right, but think of the forms that are being referred to. A passport application form asks your nationality, because the passport you will be carrying serves as proof of nationality. And African-American is not a nationality. Nobody would write "African-American" on their passport application. I have owned quite a few passports, but I don't recall any of the application forms asking me to identify my race.

The whole Race/Ethnicity multiple choice thing on forms is ridiculous, in that it is both too general ("Asian/Pacific Islander"? Really? A Kazakh has little in common with a Samoan, and neither has much in common with a Sikh or a Cambodian, but all are "Asian/Pacific Islanders) or else too specific ("Caucasian, non-Hispanic": a blue-eyed, blonde haired third-generation Argentinian-American named Gustav can't check that box, but a dark-skinned, black-haired, brown-eyed Greek-American named Milo can. And yet, on the street, who would be mistaken for a Mexican, and who would be a poster boy for the Master Race?).

Let's call the whole thing off.


I really enjoy your posts. Glad to have you back, not that I knew you when you were here before.