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Political Correctness Kicked in the Balls


A Nevada woman sentenced to life for a 13 y/o boy touching her tits. The irony of all this is that laws made up by feminists to punish men are know coming to bite them in the ass.

And before anyone says how unfair this is, i'm pretty sure if say a 13 y/o girl willingly touched a man's penis you would be calling for his head.


While I understand that the law is the law, and there shouldn't be a double standard, life sentence for touching some titties is excessive, and if the boy is like most 13 year olds, it was probably like


Did not watch most of video, but saw the D-attorney's plea to avoid the min. I have to agree.
What she did was wrong. But not comparable to murder, and she will receive a harsher sentence then a killer. How can anyone call that justice.


More like punted in the poon.


Puts a hilarious spin on it!


If a 13 y/o girl touched a guy's penis who's to say she didn't like it or want to do it? Because some expert says she's emotionally scarred or some other kind of crap doesn't make it so. Or that he manipulated her, they can't say how he did it, he just did. That's crazy


The sentencing is harsh, but it would be just as harsh if it was a man. Equality is a 2 way street, women cant just want equality to be police officers or firefighters and thats it. This is also the equality you get. And you have to love how the strong, independent woman attorney breaks down crying in the court room.


She didn't have the 13 year old finger fuck her.

Penis =/= Breasts


Yeah.. at first I thought just like you. The lad only touched her breasts and she gets life? Damn!

But let's bear in mind that the breasts are erogenous and have a role in the sexual activity. Hence, the sentence. Still harsh though.


I think he was pointing out that Nevada's law requires that anyone that has sexual relations with a minor under 14 years old, that they be automatically sentenced to life in prison. Quite a few men are sitting in prison for life right now because of that law.


I agree it is not the same, but the law does not distinguish between the two, they see the sexual nature with someone under 14 years old and auto-life sentence.


Okay. That makes sense.


If a 13 year-old-girl willingly touched my penis I'd be calling for head certainly. Just joking, settle down...she'd have to be at least 15. :wink:


it's laughable how anyone can think of "pc kicked in the balls".

This is just a ridiculously unjust law used by a ridicuously unjust judge- I see no difference to Iran's Sharia Courts.

I'm glad I live in a non-Taliban country/state, where someone isn't sentenced to LIFE (!) in case my child briefly touches his sexual organs, man OR woman.

And excuse my ignorance, was the majority here FOR or AGAINST fundamental Islam?
It's kinda hard to keep in mind.

-Allahu akbar (just in case)


Yeah well, living in a country founded by Puritans is one thing, but damn!


so he touched her, and shes going to prison. hmmm. did she force him to touch her. did she touch him in any way. so exactly what did she do. she must have had a terrible terrible lawyer. to me, sure, she should have stopped him from touching her, but she didn't rape him in anyway. this is just a case of bad judgement. but how can you punish her for someone elses actions.


What do the German laws call for in the case of an adult sexually abusing a child under 14 years of age?

I'm not talking about this individual case, for which I agree the punishment does not suit the crime. I mean for the statute under which she was convicted. What does the German law call for that makes it so morally superior to our draconian medieval mob justice concocted by delusional Puritan extremists?

For that matter, since you appear to be possessed of such strong opinions on the subject, what do you suggest they place into law?


It was probably mutual on both their parts, but the law holds that the minor has no choice in the matter and defines this act as sexual abuse (there may be a more specific term, I am speaking generally).

So, yeah, you know, and I know, and her defense attorney knows, and even the prosecutor and the dang judge appear to know that the sentencing in this case is harsh and probably very unfair. Unfortunately, they are working under guidelines established by their legislature. They cannot make laws to suit what they individually feel is appropriate to each crime, and thank God for that.

Hopefully she gets a re-trial or something via the appeals process, but no one here has actually done anything they should not have. There is no injustice, per se, as, to use the old cliche, ignorance of the law is no defense.

Again, though, I agree that the sentencing is ridiculous when there are real predators out there. Then again, maybe she would have become one. Doubtful in my mind, but who knows.


You are exactly right, the sentencing wasn't fair or just, that's the point of the thread; it was equal. Spend some time living under Sharia Law, the differences will become apparent. She (unfairly) got life in prison, not her breasts cut off. Moreover, any nobody in Germany can tell us over the internet how unjust it was and nobody filters that out.


In this case I doubt that there even would be a case.

In other cases there is either a "sexueller Mi�brauch", "sexuelle Nötigung", or "schwere sexuelle Nötigung".

The last one, basically threatening or extort somebody to perform sexual acts, is the only case where you do not get 10 years to life if, and only if, that someone dies.

If there was no violence, like apparenly in this case, we are talking about 1-something years, I doubt that it would be more than 3.

So, basically, parole, if any policeman would actually accept such a charge and a DA would put it forward and a judge would not immediately dismiss it.