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Political Beliefs?


Ok, a question.

If politicians are agreeably full of shit, in every spectrum, at every level both foreign, domestic, local, federal, and with politics itself a dirty 'business' filled with money, corruption, (in every spectrum,) but as a prime requisite to sustain and/or expand itself to be at equal or greater odds of survival to its financial opposition; well then why is everyone so adamant about their political beliefs?


Non sequitur..


I dont know what country you are in, but in Australia I would say that the number people who are adamant about their political beliefs are the minority, and a very small minority at that.

However, the number of people who want to appear to be adamant about their political beliefs is much higher, but they are full of crap.

Just my $0.02 on my country.


Because a political belief is not inherently the sole domain of a particular political party. If I am anti-war and the Lib-Dens in the UK are the only openly anti-war party I am not suddenly endorsing the Lib-Dems.

What gets me most riled about politics in relation to actual Government rather than as an abstract concept are:

1) The general populous thinking that Government is an exact science and that everything should be perfect all the time. It's jst a bunch of people doing what they think is right. How many times have YOU turned up at the office and not really done any work until an hour before home-time. You checked your emails, ranted on a web forum, ordered some books, spoke about last night's game with Dave over the water cooler.. Why would anyone expect politicians or those in Government to be any different?

2) The media, and subsequently politicians, trying to deal with or explain often complex concepts but having to shoehorn them into a two minute slot on Newsnight/60 Minutes etc so having to learn the 'talking loud and saying nothing' language of speaking in soundbytes. It does everyone a disservice and ends up in a 'who's got the snappiest slogan' competition. Not interested.

3) The fact that these tubby and grubby little civil servants who work for me and whose wages I pay are afforded so many job perks it is untrue from properties, to holidays to seats on the board of directors of multinationals etc. It's crazy. Oh plus they can vote themselves a pay rise... Kerrazzeee...

4) The fact that people think there should be MORE Government instead of less Government. Government needs to not tell people how to live. They should simply protect them and make sure one person's actions do not harm another.

Wow.. Don't know where all that came from. Still I feel better for getting it off my chest.