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Polite Place To Do Deadlifts


I've been using the squat racks for deadlifts. There are two reasons:

It's way easier to load and unload the bar while it's on the lower part of the rack, about hip level.

It's also next to the best, most open place for doing deadlifts in (although still not very open, people can barely walk past).

Maybe I'm just a n00b and I don't understand how to load the bar properly for deadlifts. If so, hopefully someone will clue me in. Anyway, does anyone else think it's OK to use the squat rack for deadlifts?


If there is no set aside place to do deads then that is the perfect place to do deads. You're right about the bars on the rack, they are nice for loading and unloading weight.


i sometimes use the squat rack ... sometimes the power rack ... sometimes the floor

it is situationally dependent ... do what you have to do in the gym while being considerate of other serious lifters ... if someone wants to squat, use the floor ... if someone wants to curl, then deadlift in the squat rack

the trick to loading the bar when it is on the floor is to bend over such that you can reach the bar ... it is also wise to load each side equally



As far as I know, squat racks are fine. If the gym you go to doesn't have a Deadlift lift that flips the weight off the ground (is that what it's called???), then you have to load the bar in the rack or on the floor.


I think the squat or power rack is a fine place to do deadlifts, if there is no other designated place.
First off, maybe 10% of your gym will use the squat rack for squats. Most of the time, you won't be putting anybody out by doing them. POWER rack, if deadlifts aren't a power excercise, what is?
Also, safety is a consideration, yours and others. A rack provides a self spot (not that you need it with DLs), but also a cage or barrier to keep your weight contained and others away from you. If you keep your weight within the rack, only the most ignorant will get in your way (and it still happens)


I like the power rack for deads.


My gym has a full squat rack and a halfie (no horizontal safety bars). I use the halfie for deads since it's in the corner away from everybody. One trick for loading from the floor I use: Start with two 45s and then use 35s and 25s when you add weight.


Get out of the way. People need to curl!




Ahhh... to have the option. My gym only has 1 (ONE!) long bar, and one Z-bar. The long bar is in the only power rack. I have no choice but to squat, DL, goodmorning, bench, etc., in the power rack.


when you are loading/unloading the bar if you toss a 10lb or 25lb plate under the weight clostest to the collars the rest slide off easy, just lift the side then kick it under if the gym doesn't have a DL lift. BB


i use the space in front of the rack (there is no real area for O lifts at all at my gym) for deads....its not like anyone else is going to use the fkn thing where im at...unless they are curling and need to rest the bar somewhere...NYRM suck

for loading the bar on the floor, i just put the plates in such a position that allows me to out them on easily as they are raised in certain sections, so when one is hitting the floor, i load the next place with the raised bit near the floor, saves lifting it up each time...i dont place it on the rack to load and unload as i like to lift it from the floor each time...


my gym has a "powerlifting room" so i lift in there. but as far as loading the bar, i do it on the ground with a 2.5lb plate shoved under one of the 45's to raise it off the floor.


How about any damned place you want to. Just like the arm curl folks.


you my friend are a thinker :D...do you have a brochure or pamphlet i can subscribe to?


You can just roll the weight onto a 2.5lb or 5 lb plate and then put the weight on the bar too.


I'm with brwnbellyyankee & BiggieBen; I've found that simply placing 1 or 2 2.5's or even nickels helps when you have to unload from the floor level.

Works also on the leg press machine when you load up the 45's and have to unload... (goodbye pinched fingers :slight_smile:

It's also a good subtle weigh to add weight when you are short Platemates :stuck_out_tongue:


There is nothing polite about deadlifts.


Agreed. I feel the ideal place to deadlift is on a pile of beautiful naked women, wearing a loin cloth, bare feet and consuming some sort of animal, the more viscious the better. Perhaps a shark stuffed with a wolverine.

On a more practical note, I too pull in the rack, mainly because it elevates the plates approximately 2 inches. While this is handy for loading/unloading, do I need to worry that that is putting me at a disadvantage? Should I stand on top of some plates or something and pull to make up the difference?


I don't like deadlifts in a rack unless I'm doing rack pulls. I like being out in the open. I feel too confined when unnecessarily in the rack. For the same reason I tend to use bumpers and perform lifts out in the open as well whenever possible, using the j-hooks on the front of the rack when needed.