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Polish Good Mornings

Any opinions on this exercise?


I’m looking to correct a spinal erector imbalance (kind of goes along with post a made about an hour ago).

Basically, it’s a good morning but you put one leg on a bench, bending toward that leg.

Good exercise for throwers, have seen seated GMs where they bend towards one knee and then the other.

Actually a lot of throwers special back work is good, pity most throwers stuff their back in the weight room…

I have done these before. Really hits the hamstrings hard. Don’t need too much weight for these ‘soviet bad boys’.


Looks like a good movement. If your imbalance isn’t inhibiting but rather simply something you wish to fix, maybe you would be wise to look into one arm deadlifts? Use a full barbell and lift it on one side of your body with a straight vertical posture. With an imbalance like that you’ll certainly find one side is stronger than the other, put the strong side on maintenance while you train the other up and hopefully that should go a long way to fixing your problem. Hope that’s helpful.