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Poliquin's Testosterone Protocol?


In the next few weeks I plan on going to get a blood test to see my total , free test and a few other hormones. Has anyone ever done Poliquins testosterone protocol? If so how did you fair out? Is this something that has to be done a few times a year to keep the levels high? I have no Biosignature near me so if I do it I'm just going to follow what he has on his site.


i have not done this, but im interested as well. However i believe i once calculated the cost of this protocol and it was around 300 bucks if you use all Poliquin stuff. so def not cheep, but for some if it gets their test significantly higher it might be worth it.


There is an alternate company that makes the supplements for him that are a little cheaper. Robb Wolf gives examples of some companies that make holy basil etc. According to the article there were guys that went from 110 to 1300 or 1400 in total test which is incredible.


and what were their estrogen and SHBG figures? i would guess they were off the charts as well...

total test doesnt mean shit. FREE TEST is the only thing that matters


free test and estrogen. because free test can be high and if estrogen is high you are still in a very bad position.


Phase 1, Days 1 to 8: Increased Conversion of Cortisol to DHEA


As far as the stated results go... I wasn't aware loliquin had a habit of posting completely truthful statements in his articles.


Is he selling injectible testosterone?


Then those numbers are bullshit.


Well go ahead and do it. Personally I wouldn't waste 300 bucks on this but if you are getting blood work done then it will be interesting to see if he is a complete fraud (supplement wise). Make sure to get your FREE test, SHBG & estrogen tested before and after.


I plan on having my free test, SHBG and estrogen tested. I was just looking to see if anyone on here did the protocol. $300 is alot to drop on supplements especially if there is no proof to back up that they work. I'm not going to say the guy is a liar, but going 110 to 1300 does sound absurd.


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more like trololiquin


i loled especially at this one although i do appreciate the original loliquin


LOLiquin & TROLLiquin are good ones, seeing that I usually LOL when I read his ridiculous, money racket supplement protocols.
40grams of BCAAs a day at around $3000 a year anyone??


Test injecitons are cheaper


Loliquin tribute time, anyone?

We can discuss how using electronic cardio machines puts you at greater risk of developing diabetes, maybe touch upon his 198 @ 8% to 209 @ 6% transformation [in only five days!] simply by eating an organic, grass fed diet in the Dominican Republic... we can then cap it off with that rebuttal floating around online where some MD put it in CP's intellectual pooper over that stomach acid article he published a few years back.

Then we can get back to the discussion on whether or not this guy is on to something with his $300/month supplement plan.


In Loloquin's defense I think most of the logic he applies stems from his adoption of the aquatic ape theory of evolution. I'm sold on his amazing five day transformation. Haiti's beautiful and majestic neighbor, the Dominican Republic, is home to many nature-transcending events. Like they say there "What happens in Hispaniola stays in Hispaniola.)


Not to start a bash thread but actually gain some info, what other bat shit crazy things have been said by him? Why so popular and successful, if its whack job information? I heard certain claims he has made, but if I didnt actually see some of his voodoo in person I wouldnt believe it either.


those Dominican avocados man... 1 pound of LBM per day after eating one.


I just really love the name loliquin. That's all I have.