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Poliquin's Recomendation for DIM/Calcium


Wondering what the recomended use of DIM and Calcium something for the reduction of the overfeminzation of the male. thanks


Google, is you have heard of?



anyone know what the recomended dose of DIM is? and combining it with Calcium D Glutante


2 of each, 3 times a day.



Sounds good. Anyone have a good source for either products, Poliquin's store is expensive.


not sure if Biotest will appreciate me posting links to other products, apologize in advance.

this is by far the cheapest site ive ever found. i have the natures source dim and it works as well as the one i bought for $40+ (indoplex)

swansons house brand is great supplements also i use alot of them, but their calc-d is underdosed.

edit: yea they deleted links. just go on swansonhealthproducts and look for natures source dim and calc-d


Ok kool, How long have you ran this protocal for?


have you run this protocal? if so for how long did you run it for? THanks, that site has some great prices for the two products.


also when you say the cal d from them is underdosed what do you mean and what do you do to correct it?


yea i ran it for maybe 3-4 weeks. i noticed i looked alot dryer and had less water retention.

swansons brand of calc-d is underdosed 250mg or something. get the source naturals they are 500mg.


I get my DIM by buying a bunch of kale and broccoli, like 7 days worth, and chopping some up everyday and pureeing it in a blender and drinking it (way easier to eat big serving of veggies this way0. This way you know your DIM is fresh and your getting all kinds of other vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber.