Poliquin's Own Diet

I recently read what Charles Poliquin uses as a MRP when he doesn’t have access to food. He uses ProBlend-55, 15 of Beverly’s Mass Aminos, and 3 of his own Fish Oil capsules. I’m assuming this is the ratio’s he eats in general, anyone know for sure. If this is so he’s eating around 70g protein per meal, 7g of carbs, and 4-5g of fat. So he’s eating high protein, low carbs and low fat, and I know he has a high carb day every 5th day. I always assumed he followed a higher fat intake, but I’ve been using similar ratios with far better results than higher fat, any feedback? I’m looking for fat loss, and started his GBC program as well.

Well, it’s an interetsing idea, but don’t assume you can eat like Charles and end up looking like him. I mean, after all, this is a guy who said he grows like a weed on 1-3 reps per set. That wouldn’t work for most of us. And by the way, not a slam against Charles at all, but he does tend to promote whatever supplement company he’s currently involved with. When he was with T-mag, he said to use Biotest, when they sponsored his “Manly Weight Loss” book he said to use Sportspharma, and he seemed to like Twinlab when he had a column in MD. (Is he gone from there now or what?) I guess that’s part of the business, but it makes me doubt what supplements he really prefers.

I was wondering about Poliquin and MD after he didn’t show up in the last issue. I wonder if they’re going to use Cutler’s new column instead. I was getting pretty frustrated toward the end when they were just rerunning Poliquin’s responses from previous issues and calling it his column (not sure if you noticed, but they did it at least five times).

I know that Poliquin does his own in-house testing on supplements, and recommends the one’s that test out to have what the label say they have. He also works hand-in-hand with Dr. Serrano and he recommends a lot of diffirent brand name’s just like Poliquin.