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Poliquin's One Day Arm Cure


Ok, so I tried Poliquin's one day arm cure this past Friday with 14 15/16" arms, currently i'm at 15 3/16". So far i've gained 2/8" which isn't bad for only one day of training. So my point is, if there is anyone there with lagging arms and you have neglected their training for a while, the one day arm cure is going to do you some good.

If, on the other hand, you regularly train your arms with a high volume, I think you're not going to benefit much from it. I'm posting because a lot of you were questioning this program in the article discussion section and in another thread about a similar program.


Would you mind measuring your arms again in a week to see if the measurement has changed?


Agreed. This program doesn't help at all with longterm progress.

<- Wait, you actually tried it? snicker :wink:


You're such a bummer..

Though I do think you're right. I really don't see how going ALL OUT for one day is gonna help much, is it me, or does that just sound like "Beach training gone wild"?

Anyways, if you do get to keep the gains, congrats!


I did that one day arm cure not because I thought it was gonna give me hawt gunz in one day, but because there were a lot of people wondering if it worked, including myself, and I won't lose anything by trying it. I am fully aware that the gains are probably sarcoplasmic and that they might, or might not, subside within a week, BUT, I really don't care. I wanted to try it and see what results it yielded.


Awe great, now we're gonna have some fool asking his buddy to beat his arms with a bat to make them grow 1/4". We'll probably have a rash of threads asking whether aluminum or wooden bats are superion for this purpose...Thanks.


Awe great, now we're gonna have some fool asking his buddy to beat his arms with a bat to make them grow 1/4". We'll probably have a rash of threads asking whether aluminum or wooden bats are superion for this purpose...Thanks.


Any experience with HFT training? Specifically I just started using a "program" from an article on this site. 1 set of curls till failure and 1 set of dumbbell tricep extensions every night. I was hoping to see a difference in arm size by the end of the month. I'm 5 days in so far.


I bet if it was called "Poliquin's One-Hour Beat-the-shit-out-of-your-arms-with-a-bat Cure", several people would try it. Put that guy's name in front of anything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, people will flock to it.


I did something like that when I had a challenge with a friend.. I had to reach a certan amount of reps within one month. So I just did 1 or 2 reps to failure everyday - I did get stronger pretty much everyday.(I didn't finish, as I figured I might as well train in a gym)

When I started I could do about 6 reps.. Just did a test, and can do 62 reps now.. Gosh I was WEAK.


I did it 2 years ago, the day before my high school reunion just to try it out. I think my arms gained half an inch for the next several days. Not sure how much was permanent though, but at the very least it made me more motivated when training arms.


arnold did something similar to this. "I finally arrived at the idea of shocking the muscles. If you do
ten sets of bench presses or any other exercise regularly for a
year, the muscles gradually get used to ten sets of bench presses
and the growth slows down. So once a week I took a training
partner and drove out into the country with the weights. We
limited ourselves to one exercise for a particular body part. I
remember for the first day we carried 250 pounds out into the
forest and did squats for three hours straight. I began by doing
twenty repetitions with 250 pounds; then my partner did what-
ever he could. Then it was my turn again. We ended up doing
something like fifty-five sets of squats each. The last hour
seemed endless. But it worked. Our thighs pumped up like bal-
loons. That first day we gave our thigh muscles such a shock that
we couldn't walk right for a week. We barely could crawl. Our
legs had never experienced anything as tough as those fifty-five
sets. And each of us put something like an eighth or a quarter of
an inch on our thighs; they just blew up, they had no chance to
survive except to grow."




I'd go for aluminum....hopefully wouldn't hurt as much but would still get pumped up!


kept all the gains


How much strength did you gain?


no strength gains only size gains, I think it quite possibly decreased my strength actually. You should only do this if your concern is size instead of strength and don't mind your strength gains stalling for about a week to two weeks after the workout.


Now that I remember, it also gave me 3/16" in my forearms due to the zottman curls


Where is the link to this one day arm cure? Im curious to see what the workout consits of, especially if you are saying you kept all of your gains


so did you keep your gains?