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Poliquins' One Day Arm cure

Hey T-men has anyone ever tried Charles Poliquins One Day Arm cure?/ If so what were your results??? How long after that before you could work out normally again???

Success rate is about 50/50, if that, based on reader feedback. Most didn’t get results from the program, but then again, who knows if they followed it perfectly and measured correctly.

BTW, T-mag will be posting a new variation on this theme this Friday in an article called the “One Arm Per day Arm Cure”. It’s pretty interesting.

i have tried it twice. both times i gained about 3/8". dont try to workout for about 4-5 days later. i think i would have gained more the first time, but about 3 days later i tried to workout and it was horrible. i was still drained and had a crappy session.

I did about 3/4 of it, and could not work arms for about 4 days after. I gained a half inch, but then gradually lost most of it. After about a month or two, my arms were only about 1/8 of an inch bigger than before I did the workout.