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Poliquin's Mega BCAA Dose

Has anyone tried Poliquin’s recomendation of 40g of BCAA’s during a workout? That sounds fucking insane. He says he has his atheletes swallow 2-3 pills between every set until they reach the 40g mark, and I believe this was for a 200lb dude.

I currently use 10g Biotest BCAA before my workouts and then follow up with a serving of Surge toward the end of the workout.

Part of me wants to try it but I wonder if there would be any health concerns swallowing all those fucking pills. Any thoughts?

I doubt Poliquin would have his athletes take 40g BCAAs during their workouts if he thought it would adversely affect their kidneys. Try it out for a few weeks and see how it works for ya.

i read something about him putting 50 pills in a container, his athletes just have to ensure thats empty by the time they finish.