Poliquin's High Reps on German Body Comp

Hi Coach,

My problem is, that in the GBC Charles Poliquin mainly recommends using a tri-set with reps from 6-8 in the first exercise, and all the way up to 20-25 reps on the 3rd exercise. Now, I get it, the essence of the program is to generate lactic acid, but if I want to do that 20-25 reps on the last exercise I need to use ridiculously light weights, and if I’m on my last set than it is even lighter.

My question is that should I focus on building a solid strength base before I even consider any type of high rep training?

I honestly feel discouraged when I need to train with girl dumbbells.

Thanks Coach and good luck with the baby!

Well,you can get the same effect by doing the 20-25 repsets with the rest/pause method. Use a weight you could get for 12 reps and do something like… 12 reps / rest 15 sec / 6 reps / rest 15 sec / 4 reps / rest 10 sec 2 reps

BTW there is nothing wrong with using small dumbbells… I often use 7.5 - 10lbs dumbbells on biceps and delts when using some techniques.

And since there are more and more strong women, pretty much every dumbbell can be “girl dumbbells”. A crossfit girl I trained could snatch a 100lbs dumbbell with one warm.

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This gave me some courage, alright I’ll use the rest/pause and let my arms fall of once I’m done.

Thanks Coach