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Poliquin's Fish Oil Dosage

I just bought 4 large bottles of this fish oil and want to take around 30g per day while in a fat loss phase (from Charles Poliquin’s article a few months back). On the label of Carlson’s fish oil it states:

1 Teaspoon

Omega-3 fatty acids 1,600mg
EPA 800mg
DHA 500mg
Other omega 3’s 300mg

With these ratio’s of EPA being 50% of the oil and DHA almost 33%, do I still want to shoot for around 30g of fish oil total in a day? or less than that because of the potency?

In Poliquin’s article he stated you could easily get 30-45g per day using 2 or 3 tablespoons per day, but in my case I would have to use quite more.

All ideas and thoughts are appreciated guys.

Id say yes if following his plan


There have been whole threads about this. Run a search. If you honestly cannot find the answer, then I’m sure someone will explain it to you.

3 talbespoons is about 15g of oil, and Carlsons stuff is very potent (like 80%… that must have cost a bunch). I would start there and see how it works and scale up accordingly. Maybe add another tablespoon before bed


Here is a thread that I started some time ago detailing my adventure with Coach Chuck’s protocol. I don’t know if there will be any help in there or not. I sure thought there was a couple of questions similar to yours in there.

I think the biggest thing to worry about is do you want the 30 grams of fish oil or do you want the high levels of EPA/DHA? Personally I would shoot for the 30 grams first. That would be about 6.25 Tablespoons a day. Make sure you take some vitamin E (400 I.U. for every 10 grams of fish oil. Maybe one Vitamin E capsule every second Tablespoon) and maybe some vitamin K if you start to have problems with any bleeding.

Tablespoon= Tbs, Ts, tbs
Teaspoon= tsp.

thanks for the posts guys…I actually got a pretty reasonable deal spending over $75 from the vitamin shoppe on amazon.com. If you buy the stuff from them it’s basically half the price.

Yes i want to follow Charles’ approach but for some reason I feel like he was discussing 18% and 12& EPA and DHA respectively, as that is natural in most fish oil supps. just not in Carlson’s…

anyone that wants to get with this protocal i really suggest checking amazon.com as they have great prices…I enjoy the posts, especially from phil being so knowledgable keep them coming!

I forgot to put this in my other folllow-up post. Thanks Madman, I’ve been following your thread for some time and have wanted to try it myself to see what all happens first hand…keep in touch…it’s day 3 for me.

i use a medicine measuring cup for my dosages…