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Poliquin's Carb Prescription

I think Poliquin’s carb formula is to general. The idea of BF distribution correlating to insulin resistence , thus carb intolerance I believe to be true.

But I think he did not hit the nail on the head regarding some genotypes not doing well on LCD.

Yes being tired after a carb meal is a good indicator, but if youve been restricting carbs for awhile that will happen anyway.

In my opinion some do not do well on LCD, by no means do I think that HIgh carb diets are for them.

I have found that my liver does not convert fats and proteins as well as ketones for fuel as well. My body tends to suffer no matter the adaption period.My body also takes on an unhealthy appearch, my liver does not do well running on proteins for blood glucose.

I think a better prescription would be to see if one has better energy when including enough carbs for the brain to function thus not being in glucogeneosis. Ie steak eggs and a grapefruit for breakfast, some yams, but not necessarily pasta , and rice cakes.

He also has stated that some clients did not lose fat and when switched to a zone approach did indeed achieve fat loss.

its food for thought.

Dude, people can’t be devided into catagories. Everyone’s carb tolorance is different. Some may do better on cycling between 350, 290, and 200. While others may need 400 on workout days, 150-100 on non workout days. While others, can work fine on 50, with a large PWO carb up. Just fool around untill fat loss happens, then stick with that, and fool around again when you hit a barrier.

Personally, Thibs CCC worked for me when it came to finding good carb levels.

I think the whole carb filled breakfast test is just one method of seeing how your body handles carbs. I actually failed the test, failing in the fact that I didn’t get tired an hour later but I actually don’t handle carbs well at all. So no the test is not a one-size-fits-all.

I think poliquins articles are simple explanations. There is more too it, more ways of testing it.