Poliquin's breathing recommendations for pull-ups

In the Back to Basics article, he writes, “you should inhale when you start the exercise and exhale as you begin the decent.” Is this a typo? Does he want us to INHALE in the bottom position and then through the sticking point? If it isn’t a typo, what’s the rationale?

I personally breathe in and “hold”, and pull up with a full set of lungs. Is there any exercise where you are breathing in “during” your concentric move? I doubt it. Most people hold their breaths during moments of exertion. I don’t see why this would be different.

I think it works on the same principle as suckin air in at the start of a deadlift. When the air is in there, it stablizes the transverse abdominus sp? and should help you in the movement. Hope this helps. P.S -I could be 100% wrong.

I can certainly appreciate Staley’s advice when he recommends not exhaling under axial loading (military press, squat), in order to faucilitate stabilization, but I can’t see off-hand how this would have any effect in a chin.

When in doubt, try it!

I have tried and like this method of breathing doing a weighted pull-up. It almost gives you a kick start at the bottom of the pull with a big breath in. You are some what propelled upwards and then holding the air in is obvious for stabization. Again, I only use this for weighted pulls with reps under 5. Any rep range higher I would just concentrate on getting them done.

Ike, what do you mean not exhaling under axial loding. on a set of say 5-8 reps of squats, when would you be breathing?

as for the question im pretty sure he means right be for you pull your self up, inhale. on the way down exhale. dont worry about it too much, find what works for you on chins

Is Poliquin’s breathing method the same as Pavel’s Power Breathing technique. I use Pavel’s technique and it really works. There is an explanation in his interview on T-Mag and through out his website.

I recently began using this method after my last chinning workout with jaytruly (who commented above). Whatever the rationale, it seems to work well for me.

You would breat at the top of the rep, of course, just not during the concentric. So, for example, inhale&exhale at the top, inhale during the eccentric, then hold during the concentric.