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Poliquin's Books


So I have been looking at Charles Poliquin's website to come across some books he offers on his site.
1) Is anyone familiar with his books or has bought them?
2) If so what one(s) do you recommend to buy?

There are six books total:
-Ask Coach Poliquin Vol. 1
-Ask Coach Poliquin Vol. 2
-German Body Comp Program
-Modern Trends in Strength Training
-Poliquin Principles
-Winning the Arms Race

I just want to learn more about Poliguin's philosophy behind fitness.


I own every one of his books (even a couple that are out of print including Manly Weight Loss and his very first certification course offered through Dayton Publishing) and a couple of his manuals! They are all a wealth of knowledge and way ahead of their time. I would suggest starting with Poliquin Principals to get a basic idea on some of his concepts. I would definately encourage you to do one of his seminars down the raod! Charles is Da' Man!!


Thanks Laroyal for the info! I'll start with Poliquin Principals. I really am planning to take some of his courses for sure in the near future (when I am done schooling and he comes closer to Canada lol)
Thanks again.