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Poliquin's AGVT + Hany's FST 7


Hey all,
As some of you may remember I was on here a couple of years back when I was the ripe old age of 21/22 getting ready for my first bodybuilding show. After I placed 2nd in October and qualified for the British finals the next year, 6 weeks out I got glandular fever and was in hospital for the next 4 weeks. During this time I lost a tonne of size and only really got back into training properly at the beginning of this year - which brings me to this post.

I started reading more about Poliquinâ??s training principles and really liked the concept so I gave it a go for about 8 months (since March 2011). I have to say Iâ??m very glad I did, I ended up regaining the size I lost and getting a lot stronger in the process. Obviously I can't do this all year round as I would just get totally burnt out so I did take a week off/have a cruise week every 8-10 weeks.

To give you an example, I started the program incline benching 80kg/180lbs for 10 sets of 5 reps and ended the program comfortably ended the program at 220lbs for 10 sets of 5. On the lower rep range, I managed to get up to about 265lbs for 10 sets of 3. Similarly, on front squats squat I went from doing 90kg for 10 sets of 5 to 110kg and on the 3 rep sets, managed to get up to 130kg. These were all good clean reps, I 'm a stickler for form so trust me when I say this was not quarter squat.

So yeah anyway, there was a lot of thickness added to every body part, especially my arms as they are my weakest area. On Friday 18th 2011 I was 180lbs and around 11%bf (pics will be posted on Sunday 27th).

So to take a break from this (mainly because I started to plateau) I decided to try Hany's FST7 as the higher volume training seems to suit me better - also I reckon it would be good to use the heavier weight for a higher rep range which should help me add some more thickness. I'll keep a log of what I do every week and post pics every 2 weeks so that you guys can see any progress/changed since started the routine. I have an idea in the back of my head of doing a competition in April/May 2012 and trying to requalify for the British and achieve what I wanted to a few years back.

I'll also include my diet and any/supps Iâ??m taking.
So as of last Sunday (20th November) my training schedule looks like this:
Sunday - Arms and abs
Monday - Legs (+calves)
Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday - Chest and Abs
Thursday - Back
Friday â?? shoulders +hamstrings*+calves
Saturday - OFF

  • I threw in that extra hamstring day because I need to bring my hamstrings up to match my quads. Also I find that I get a better contraction in my calves right after Iâ??ve done hamstrings as well

For each body part I have 2 different workouts which I cycle so that things don't become stale/stagnant and Iâ??ll focus on trying to either do more reps or add a little more weight each time the same workout comes around.

Workouts are as follows:
Arms w/o 1
Standing DB curl 3-4 x 6-8 reps
One arm DB preacher Curl 3-4 x 8to12reps
Hammer Curl 3-4 x 8to12reps
EZ Bar curl - 7 sets <8 reps
Ticeps rope extensions 3-4 x 8to12reps
Close grip bench press 3-4 x 6to8 reps
Dips 3-4 x 8to12reps
Skull Crushers - 7 sets <8 reps

Arms w/o 2
Incline DB curl
EZ bar Curl
DB Concentration curl
Seated Cable curl - 7s 10-12 reps
Tricep extensions (EZ Bar)
Single Arm DB overhead extensions
V Bar pushdown - 7s 10-12 reps

Legs w/0 1
Leg extensions 3-4 x 8to12reps
Front squat 3-4 x 6toreps
Leg Press 3-4 x 8to12reps
Lying leg curl 3-4 x 6to8reps
Stiff legged DL 3-4 x 8to12reps
Single leg curl 3-4 x 8to12reps
Standing calve raise 12-15reps
Seated Calve raise - 12-15reps
Leg press toe raise - 7s

Legs w/o 2
Leg extensions
Back squat
Hack Squat
Seated Leg Curl
DB Stiff legged DL
Lying leg curl
Seated Calf raise
Leg press toe raise
Standing calf raise - 7s

Chest w/o 1
Shallow incline DB Press 3-4 x 6to8reps
Incline DB Flyes 3-4 x 8to12reps
Flat DB Press 3-4 x 8to12reps
Hammer Strength Press - 7s <8

Chest w/o 2
Incline BB Press 3-4 x 6to8reps
Incline Flyes 3-4 x 8to12reps
Hammer Strength Press - 3-4 x 8to12reps
Cable Flyes - 7s

Back w/o 1
Neutral grip pull-ups 3-4 x 6to8reps
Over hand bb row 3-4 x 8to12reps
DB Row 3-4 x 8to12reps
T bar row 3-4 x 8to12reps
Cable pullovers 7's

Back w/o 2
Underhand grip pull-ups 3-4 x 6to8reps
Underhand grip bb rows 3-4 x 8to12reps
Hammer strength rows 3-4 x 8to12reps
Low Cable rows 3-4 x 8to12reps
Machine Pull downs - 7s

Shoulders w/o 1
DB lateral raises 3-4 x 8to12reps
DB Shoulder Press 3-4 x 6to8 reps
BB front raises 3-4 x 8to12reps
Hammer Strength side lateral machine - 7s
Bent over DB raises - 3-4 x 8to12reps
Machine rear Delt Flyes - 7's
Hamstring - 5 x 5 reps on lying leg curl
Calves - workout 1/2

Shoulders w/o 2
Shoulder Press
DB front raises
Cable Side raises
Db Side raises â?? 7s
Reverse Flye machine
Reverse DB flye â?? 7s

So what Iâ??ve basically done is keep the movements that I used from Poliquin's AGVT but will be using the same weight for higher reps with some more ancillary movements thrown in. Most of the workouts don't really take longer than an hour as I usually take about a minute break between sets.
My Diet

My diet has been something Iâ??ve been trying to get right for a while. Don't get me wrong, I eat well and make consistent gains every year but trying to find the right carb sources for my body (e.g., brown vs. white rice vs. oatmeal) and how much to eat each meal has taken some tweaking but I think I have managed to get it right.

My main protein sources will be chicken, fish and occasionally beef while carb sources will be oatmeal, sweet potatoes and white rice. Fats are something that I don't focus too much on. For me personally I feel the fat I get from the foods I eat is sufficient but I might throw in a table spoon or evoo or flax caps with a couple of meals in the day, more often than not towards the end of the day.

Meal 1 - 4 whole eggs and 60g of oatmeal (+1 tab anabolic pump)
Meal 2 - 2 scoops Myofusion
Meal 3 - 200g grilled chicken and 100g sweet potatoes (+1 tab anabolic pump)
Meal 4 - 120g tuna salad with light mayo dressing
Meal 5 - 200g grilled chicken with 100g white rice (+1 tab anabolic pump)
Meal 6 - Pre-workout: 5g glutamine
- Post workout: 1 scoop Myofusion
Meal 7 - 3 tabs ZMA followed by 120g tuna salad with light mayo.

I've kept to this kind of diet for the past couple of years with the high protein, moderate fat and low carbs skeleton and played around with increasing carbs etc but I find that I start getting very sluggish and hold a lot more fat. With this kind of diet, I stay relatively learn (~11%) bf year round and consistently gain about 5-8lbs of lean muscle every year.

Supplement wise Iâ??m actually doing a little experiment of my own to compare 3 of the most popular nutrient partitioning supplements on the market today:

Anabolic pump by USP Labs
Glycobol by Anabolic innovations
Indigo 3g by Biotest

I've just started on 2 tabs of Anabolic Pump for the past few days (started on Wednesday 23rd November) and will up the dose to 3 tabs a day from next Wednesday. After this, I will move onto Glycobol and then finally indigo 3g. I anticipate that my trying this it should take me nicely up to march when I am about 8 weeks out from the show and with dieting and training, should come in considerably better than my last show.

My first experience with nutrient repartitionning agents were with Universal IsoStak and Animal M-Stak. I found the IsoStak to be better than M Stak but only in terms of increased work capacity. Neither made a massive difference in body composition.

I added the Myofusion after a friend of mine gave me a tub from when I helped him get ready for his first show. I really liked it and actually felt it made a significant difference so I incorporate it into my supplement regime now. Since the new formulation has whey protein in it and couple with the fact that I train late in the evenings - itâ??s a great fit as the whey is great for post workout and the blend of slow digesting proteins means I get to keep a healthy nitrogen balance as I sleep.

ZMA and glutamine are two other supplements that I swear by. I started using ZMA in my university days when I started lifting seriously and havenâ??t stopped using it since. It's a great agent to help with recovery and just get a better nightâ??s sleep. At the moment, Iâ??m using optimum nutritionâ??s ZMA but most brands work pretty well in my experience. With glutamine, what can I say that already hasn't been said?! Great recovery agent all round.

So there you have it, a bit of a lengthy explanation but hopefully you enjoyed the read. I should mention that my ultimate goal is to create hybrid physique but the oldskool look of Frank Zane but a little more filled out. I'm under no illusions and my personal goal is to be around 170-175lbs at 5%bf one day and just maintain that. As I mentioned at the moment Iâ??m 180lbs at 11% bf at a height of 5"8

I haven't taken body part measurements in a while but I will definitely do so along with posting up the pics of some mandatory poses (front/Back DB, Front/Back lat spread, side chest).
As usual, all constructive thoughts and comments are welcome and feel free to PM me if you have any questions you want to ask off the board.


Looking forward to the progress, and the muscular recovery from what seemed like an awful illness. Sounds like you're coming back even hungrier than before.

You might want to re-post this in the Training Log section so we can follow along there? Just a thought.



Thanks mate. I am definately hungry for a win at some point next year so really busted my ass trying to get after it.

I'll repost in the training log section, haven't posted here in a while so totally forgot where everything is lol!


can't wait for work to be over so i can go hit some shoulders and calves. I feel that my traps completley dominate my shoulder girdle and i need more width to even things out a bit more.

i've really started focusing more on pulling with my elbows when down laterals, be it side of rear and i feel this makes a massive difference and does give you a great pump whilst taking the traps out of play. I'll throw in the shoulder presses second so that i dont have to go AS heavy and risk an injury.

I'll try to get a video up of each training log and put it on youtube with a link attached so people can see and if applicable critique my form where necessary.

Hurry up 5pm already!!!



Way to fight back from the illness brotha

Fst7 will be good to you. Kill it


hey all,

as mentioned i've included some updated pics from today. all pics are done before training (i.e. no pump) and i weighed in this morning at 180.2lbs.


side chest


back double bicep


front db


ab and thigh

i'll post some more about how the training is going and how the supplements are affecting my training/diet later on tonight (gotta go out for dinner as it's my mum's bday!)

catch ya'll in a bit!


Insane physique. Can't wait to see the progress you make.


so i've had food poising the last couple days and obviously have not trained! but feeling a lot better today so going to hit some legs later on this evening.

So to recap quickly, i did delts last friday and arms on sunday.

I find it hard sometimes to get my delts doing the work as i have very dominant traps that seem to take over during any lateral raise movement. so what i decided to do (i saw this on phil heaths video over the weekend) - i did a giant set for side laterals (3 sets of ascending weight counting as 1 set) and i found this really helped bring a lot blood into my medial head and giving it a good squeeze right at the bottom of the movement had my delts screaming by the time i was done. After that i moved onto a hammer strength shoulder press machine i really like and did three straight sets on three focusing on the 8-12 rep range. i don?t like to go too heavy on shoulder movements mainly to avoid injury. I feel I go heavy enough on my chest and back days to stimulate my front delts so doing tones of weight on this I feel would be redundant. So I worked up to a working weight of 100lbs a side and knocked out something in the region of 10 reps for the last few movements. Another thing I should note about this movement is that my range of motion is fairly short ? the reasoning behind this is that (again IMO) I feel that the last 2/3 to ¾ of the movement is just triceps and it just takes the tension off the shoulders so why bother going all the way up on this one?!
From there I moved onto front raises with a barbell ? again sticking within that 8-12 range. It doesn?t take a lot of weight to get a ridiculous burn on this but it?s all about keeping constant tension so get the most outta it. I went on to do my sevens on the side raise machine we have. I started the first few sets out a little too fast I think and just knocked em out but for the last 4 sets I focused a little more on holding for a 2 count at the top of the movement which seemed to work a lot better. Then moved onto bent over raises for rear delts with some dumbbells and finally finished off with 7s on the rear delt machine.

Finally to finish off ? I grabbed a pair of 10lb dbs and did some scarecrows for about 3 sets of 12 reps. I find these straight after a shoulder workout help to really finish everything off nicely. Again it?s a slow movement keeping constant tension.

So Sunday was arms (which is somewhat of a love/hate thing with me - I love training them but I hate that they grow so slowly! I started off with rope extensions and did 3 sets of drop sets to really get the blood into the triceps making sure I turned my pinky out as much as possible to emphasize the lateral head recruitment. I?m one of those guys who has very long triceps so I need to make sure that I get a good pump first before doing any other over head extensions/dips etc otherwise I just can?t get a good stretch and contraction. So from here I moved onto something that I don?t do very often just because I?ve never felt the movement work ? single arm overhead db extensions. I was playing around with the movement the other day and I found a line of motion that seemed to give me a better feeling than I had previously been used to. so I grabbed a 30lb db and did these really slow against the seated side of the preacher curl bench (facing away from the pad) with a slight rocking motion to emphasize the stretch on the long head of the triceps. This is something I really need to work on. I did 4 sets on this and then moved onto dips where I did 3 sets of 6-8 reps with 45lbs belted on. I finished off triceps with 7s on V bar pushdowns and again just focused on squeezing them as much as I could and tried to stay below 10 reps.

Moved onto biceps and I have to admit I was pretty shattered just after doing triceps lol. In the future I might alternate between bicep and tricep movements to keep myself ?fresh?. Anyway, started off biceps with incline db curls with 45 lbs for 8-12 reps. I find this gives me a good stretch and squeeze right off the bat and gets a lot of blood in the biceps. Form this I moved onto reverse grip curls with some FatGripz and finished off with some 7s on db concentration curls. On retrospect I feel I should have done one more exercise before the 7s but I think I was just absolutely shattered I just didn?t have the mental capacity to do more movements effectively on that day. I think alternating between triceps and biceps is a definite route to explore in the future or maybe even supersets.

NOTES ON FST compared to AGVT so far
From my initial couple of weeks on this type of training I find that it is very intense and I?m sure I?ll get some good gains off it in the future BUT I feel AGVT is far better for ME. With AGVT I had a feeling of muscle fullness all day long and I was always getting stronger. Also I feel as if I?m one of those people that just respond better to lower rep training. I can concentrate better on muscle contraction/mind muscle connection for shorter periods of time far better than longer periods of time. I think I need to put more intensity into the FST training as I used to do with AGVT and maybe do 4-5 sets on the main compound movements to keep the muscle full. This is something I?ll probably implement this week starting off with legs tonight and see how it goes. My overall selection of excercises might not change but I might limit it to 2 main movements and an FST 7 movement. So for example arms would look like:
Warmup with some rope extensions for triceps and 21s for biceps.
? 5 sets of 5-6 reps of Dips and Incline DB Curl
? 4 sets of 8-10 reps overhead db extension and reverse curl
? 7s of <12 reps rope extensions and EZ bar curl
Legs this evening would probably look like this:
? Warmup with 3 amigos on leg extensions
? Front squat 5-6 reps of 5sets
? Lying leg curl ? 5sets of 5 reps
? Leg press ? 4 sets of 12-15 reps
? DB Stiff legged dead lift ? 4 sets of 10-12 reps
? Standing calf raise+ seated calf raise ? four sets each/max weight to failure at around 12 reps.

As I stated previously, I don?t really do an FST movement for legs as (you can see in my pics) my legs aren?t really lagging behind my rest of my bodyparts!

I hear from a couple people who have worked with Hany that he does incorporate a lot of 5x5 work with his athletes so I?m hoping I?m not going too far off the FST program ? just tweaking it to work for me!

As always please let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions, I?ll do my best to try and answer.

I?ll try post again in the best couple of days ? till then. Keep training hard!



oh yeah and i forgot to mention - on sunday i weighted 183.2lbs and this morning i weighed in at 179.2lbs!

and apologies for the typo's and/or "?" - i wrote it in word and copied it over whilst at work.


Tuesday ? 29th November ? Quads and Hams

Quite a big leg session last night! Started off 3 amigos on the leg extensions. The 3 amigos is something that one of the guys who showed me the ropes came up with. It?s basically a giant set with 7 reps on each weight. By the time you reach the 3rd set of the first giant set, you?re quads are on fire! So I did 3 sets on that and moved onto front squats.

As front squats are my main exercise ? I do my 5x5 on this. Managed to get to 4 sets of 5 and then on the 5th only got 4. I used 220lbs for all 5 sets. Next moved onto lying leg curl (with a dead stop at the bottom) for 5x5 again and managed to get all 5 reps on that with about 145lbs so I?ll move up weight for the next session. The pump after having done both those two movements was pretty crazy.

Next moved onto leg press for 4 sets of 12-15reps. I didn?t have to go too crazy on this ? loaded it up with 10 plates and just focused on letting the foot plate place most of the pressure on my heels and then controlling the movement on the way down for a count of 3 and pushing up again with my heels to maximise hamstring involvement. Foot placement was high enough for to put more emphasis on hamstrings.

The final movement for the day was barbell stiff legged deadlifts ? used 220lbs for 10-12 reps and 3 sets. I like doing this movement at the end as it just helps to stretch everything out. I usually do around 315lbs for res but I wanted to focus a bit more on slowing down the movement and squeezing my glutes at the top so I dropped weight a bit.

Wednesday is gonna be Chest and calves so I?ll post the day after.

Supplement notes ? USP ANABOLIC PUMP
I?ve been on this for a week now at the 2 a day dose ? moving up to 3 a day on Wednesday. I don?t feel a pumped sensation at all but what I do notice is that I am able to eat a lot more carbs and still stay pretty leave. Carbs went up from about 150g/day to close to 250g and things are still staying pretty tight. I?m upping my carbs to around 325 this week when I move onto 3 a day.

People might say that my carb intake is low but what I would remind them that I?m not 200lbs+ and the amount of carbs I take in for my bodyweight provides sufficient calories to keep me growing steadily? remember that everything is relative! Will report more on this product once I?ve been on it for a little longer

Supplement notes ? UNIVERSAL BCAAs (not the actual name but I?ll find out)
I used to use this a while ago and started using it again yesterday. It?s a very good BCAA supp and I felt it really allowed me to keep my intensity up longer when I was sipping it during the workout. I would definitely recommend this product (once I remember the proper name lol)


Wednesday 30th November - Chest and calves

pretty standard stuff with Chest training. Started off with shallow incline barbell bench press for 5x5 with the fat grips and managed to get 3x5reps with 220lbs and 4 reps on the last two sets. All of my negatives on bench have a count of 3-4 as i feel i get a much better mind muscle connection going when i slow the movemebt right down. I think the fatgripz made it a fair bit harder but i find that i don't feel any discomfort in my left shoulder (slight injurty a while back)than if i used it without.

After this i moved onto incline flyes - here i used 55lbs for 4 sets of 8-12 reps. On this movement i just focus on dropping my elbows as low as possible and ensure that my hads/forearms are just hooks for the DBs.m From here i moves onto the hammer strength decline press machine - loaded this up with 80lbs a side and did 3 sets for 8-10reps where i held the movement at the top for a count fo two and focused on squeezing the hell outta my chest - it doesnt take a lot of weight for you to feel this. Again i used the fatgripz on this movements. Finally to finish off with my 7s i moved over to the cables and did 7 sets of <10 reps on cable crossovers (again with the fatgripz) - 30 second rest between sets.

I moved onto calves and started off with the standing calf raise machine. its taken me ages to get the movement right on this so that i feel it just in my calves and not in my achilles. It seems that for years and years i've just been pushing off with my toes and recently (like at the beginning of the year) i realised that the best way to do this movement is to actually curl your toes up and push through your heels so that the inside of the heel starts to turn out right at the top of the movement. Again i find it really helps to hold the contraction for a count of 1-2 seconds and then lower down slowly. I managed to get about 4 sets of 8-12 reps out on this. By doing my calf movements this way i've added more sixe onto my calves in the past year than i have in the last 3 years! Moved onto seated calve raises after this did 3 sets of 6-10 reps and finally finished off with teg press toe raised for my 7s with 30 seconds between sets.

next day i had serious doms!


Thursday 1st December - Back

Back is always something i like training as it's probably one of my stronger body parts.

Started off with wide grip parallel grip pullups. I need to work on my width a little more so i acutally position the parallel grip pulldown bar on top of the standard grips on the pullup bar so i can go a little wider. I added on a 25lbs DB and managed to get 5x5 pretty easy on this so i will definately have to go up to about 40lbs next time at least. Then i got rid of this handle and used a clise grip "V" handle and again with the added weight i did 4x6-8 reps on the close grip pullups.

On all my pullup movements i have a pull stretch at the bottom which hold for 2 seconds and then pull i'm in the fully contracted position i hold it again for a count of 2. the last set on the close grip pullups i finished on 4reps so this is something i need to focus on getting stronger on this. Next i moved onto underhand grip barbell row. I love this movement for back - i get an awesome contraction and can really move a lot of weight on this.

I keep my upper body parallel to the floor when doing this movement and keep my head up and looking straight ahead. i used 220lbs for 4 sets of 6-10 reps . I used to do overhand barbell rows but i feel this pulls on my biceps and forearms too much and it is quite painful so i cut this movement out of my routine and have replaced it with the machine row which i will do next week. After barbell rows i moved onto sing arm DB rows and made sure that when i was doing this movement i moved the DB to my lower lat.

I see a lot of people who stay very parallel to the ground when doing this movement to target the lower lats but i think that you get a much better stretch if you stay a little more upright. I have quite high lat attatchments and it seems that if others are of the same disposition then it definately might be worth taking this into considersation. After 3 sets of 8-10 on this movement i went over to teh seated close grip cable row for 3 sets of 6-8 with a 2 second pause at the contracted position.

This was killer and my back was totally dead by this time. I finished off with my 7s on the rope pullovers on the cable. this is a great movement - when done properly. after about the 3rd set i had the famous "knives in the pits" feeling where my lats felt like they were about to explode outta my armpits! this movement gives you a great stretch but a lot of people fail to get a proper contraction on this so make sure that you squeeze your last as hard as possible right at the bottom of the movement!

Delts, calves and abs tomorrow so stay tuned!


yo guys, sorry i havent posted in a while. I've been crazy busy. will post some new stuff over the next couple days.



OMG yes, another guy in the Logs section that actually lifts and looks like a bodybuilder.

I am excite. Will be following.


so the volume has been kicking my ass and for the first time in my doet i'm starting to feel hungry. i lowered my cals by about 125cals/week over the last 2 weeks. . this has resulted in me getting much much tighter and as my comp isn't for a good 5 months, i'm not going to lower my cals any more than i need to for the for-seeable future.

i think one of the main things that i took for granted all those years ago when i was at school/uni was how much sleep i was getting. surviving on 5-6 hours of sleep a day for the past year and working a 60-70 hour week really took its toll. but with the xmas hols upon us and no work till the new year, i've been snoozing like a baby with the assistance of our old friend ZMA (optimum nutrition). This couple with consistant eating every 3 hours has been quite refreshing and i feel like for the first time in a long time i'm really f*cking killing it in my training sessions.

I gave some thought as well as to pre contest cardio and i think i'm going to go with poliquins suggestion of 15minutes all out first thing in the morning or after workouts - his principles havent lead me astray so far!
Here's the article i'm referring to - http://www.charlespoliquin.com/ArticlesMultimedia/Articles/Article/698/Belly_Fat__Lose_It.aspx - see under section "Sprints Shown To Be Most Effective"

i suppose this is the great thing about forums - i can actually ask other people for their input! so i was wondering what you guys do to thicken up your abs? as you can see from my avatar, i do have abs but they lack that thickness that will give my torso a bit more density from the front. as of late, i've been doing rope crunches asong with weighted leg raises. of course i'm still front squatting and deadlifting which are essential to thicken up your core but any other advice/input would be very greatly received.

with the first signs of snow arriving in London overnight, there's bound to be some sort of public transport malfunction (and in particular i refer to our subway/underground service!) which is perfect as i need to use it to get into the city to sort some xmas presents out ¬_¬ (!)

anyway i'm due to post up some pics so i'll do so next week on monday afternoon/early evening London time.

Also i was thinking of recording my workouts and posting them up for people to watch and critique/ask questions on form etc. What do you guys/girls think? Let me before saturday as i'll be training back and that's always something worth recording!



Will definitely be following. I think I remember your old thread with pics (I think it was on Rate my Physique). Hope you forge towards the comp next year. Videos are always welcome :slightly_smiling: