Poliquin's 1 1/4 Squats for Mass

I have started doing the 1 1/4 squats recommended by Charles Poliquin. I have to drop the weight significantly when I do them, at least because I do them after regular squats (my regular routine is 5 sets of 8 on regular squats and then I try for 5x8 of 1 1/4s after that).

My question: I haven’t been at it long enough to determine yet, but in theory, will this really build mass? My legs are certainly fatigued at the end, but is it really possible to build mass with lighter weights?

Maybe this is just the ramp-up period and mass will come when I can up the weight?

There’s a lot involved with building size, and squats are certainly an important part IMO. I liked the 1 1/4 reps when I used them, and you are forced to use less weight. I wouldn’t necessarily rely on them alone to put on the size, try front squats, zerchers, box squats. Mix it up, but keep doing squats, and you will get bigger and stronger.