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Poliquin mentioned how muscle fiber make-up CONTRIBUTES to rep selection..
I DO realize that we are all genetically different and that most genetic freaks have a tendency to have more fast-twitch fibers vs slow-twitch..i dont know how solid the evidence is towards muscle hyperplasia with regards to weight training so i wont go there..anyways, Poliquin only mentioned that
1) when doing hamstring exercises dont do more than 8 reps because they are predominantly fast twitch.
2) use high reps when doing calf exercises that involve your gastrocnemius (when your knee is bent like seated raises) and use low reps when doing soleus work (when your knee is extended like donkeys/standing calf raises).

I have used that philosophy for those 2 specific bodyparts and have made tremendous gains from them. I am also aware and practice the fact that one needs to CHANGE your routine every couple of months via reps/sets, exercises, TUT (time under tension), rest periods, etc...basically, PERIODIZE...
However, I was jus curious if anyone knows the AVERAGE muscle fiber makeup per bodypart..Poliquin mentioned that there is a book out there that has that info and maybe one of you guys have heard of it...i did a search and i think only Vein had a response to a thread and mentioned fiber makeup with the hamstrings..
I have been wt training for over 15 years and was jus looking for that something "new and interesting" for my body...


ok while i saw CT's post to not pay attention to this paul guy.. something in this article interested me. he said that poliquin says you should do high reps with bent knee, and low straight leg. but this is directly the opposite of the luke sauder calf routine which i have been following lately (http://t-mag.com/html/1cp.html).

any reason for the disparity??


To train the soleus you do bent-knee exercises such as seated calf raises, not the other way around as you mentioned. Learn a thing or two would you!


Yeah it is the opposite. Soleus is slow twitch an dresponds best to higher reps. Gastroc is fast twitch and responds best to lower reps. Paul I dont know where you might find the information you're after on tha average fiber make up per bodypart. You can kind've find out for yourself though if you take 80% of your max on a given exercise and knock out as many reps as you can. The test is not perfect but useful. If you do 6 or less reps and thats mainly a fast twitch muscle......10 reps or more slow twitch. What you will find is that flexors (biceps, chest, hamstrings) tend to be more fast twitch then extensors (triceps, quadriceps, shoulders) and that flexors require fewer reps, greater volume per exercise sessiona and less frequency while extensors require less sets and more reps and more frequency.