I’m debating between using either of the two coaches program to take my athletic ability to the next level. Does anyone have any input?


I am just going to say this, Davies has been and still could be (except for the concussions) where you want to be. Not only that but this Renegade thing goes beyond him. It is not one man anymore. This is a brotherhood of athletes around the world. In your first post you said you will do what ever it takes and that is no bull, bla bla, what are you waiting for? Has Poliquin ever knocked a full backs’ helmet off? Have you? Does poliquin have fifteen NFL players calling him everyday for this and that? Figure it out 56.

with athletic goals as job 1, I pick Coach Davies.

What sport do you play, and what are your current goals? We need some more info here. By the way, both coaches are very successful, and have numerous professional athletes calling them every day.

Dark Renegade’s right, your simply wasting time. Hurry up and get started… Don’t put training off, if you decide to pick renegade training than you shall be rewarded, incredibly.

I’m the guy in Phoenix, AZ. I told you that in another post if you forgot. Use Davies stuff. If you still want to train or need some help let me know.

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Poliquins programs are more individual and easier and generally have one specific focus in mind over a short term period to build up something that is detracting from your performance. Coach Davies programs are broader, longer, team oriented, and the focus is on all qualities involved in the sport with a premium put on developing mental tougness and an unstoppable mindset.

I have a biased opinion on this because I have worked with Coach Davies personally and can just say that he has a very good understanding of what is not just needed, but required for your sport. I am a fan of Poliquin but not having worked with him the way I have with Davies, I cannot comment on him. With whomever you go with, you will be no lesser an athlete thats for sure. You are choosing between a Ferrari and a Lamboroughini honestly

From what you have posted over the past few weeks I’d go with Poloquin, you don’t appear mentally commited to Renegade Training! It’s as much mental as physical, the workouts can be brutal and you need to stay focussed to get thru them. I’ve done Meltdown and Fat to Fire and thought they were tough but nothing preapres you for the first few full on Renegade workouts. If you are serious about wanting to be your best then start training Renegade style, but if you don’t commit 100% it will chew you up and spit you out, as Dark Renegade so beautifully put it “the Renegade door is always open, so people don’t hurt themselves running out”.