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Poliquin Training Help

I started reading up on Poliquin’s training principles about halfway throught my current program, and now that my current set is finished I’m excited to start a new one using Poliquin training style.

I hope you guys out there can help me with a couple of things because I want to do it right.

first: when you train opposite muscles groups in-between sets, do you rest inbetween opp. excercises, or just after both are done.

and second (and this is a little broad) but a some excercises, like dumbbell presses, or wide-grip chins (big, multi-joint excercises) that are better for the Heavy 4-6 rep range. If so what are some good ones for lower rep range - or does it matter?

Thanks for help

Mayfield…most all of CP’s programs that I know of incorporate resting between exercises. Usually anywhere from 30 sec. to 3 min. depending on which program you are on.

Not sure if I totally understood your second question, but I would say the best exercises for neural work (1-3 reps) would be the compounds (bench, squat, dead, chins, etc).

Hope that helps!

Can you rephrase the (second) question, Mr. Trebeck?

What I meant by the second Q was: giventhat we use heavy weight/ low rep for fast twitch, or lower wieght/high rep for slow twitch muscle fibers, are there some excercises that are better for fast twitch and some that are better for slow twitch? Or does it matter?
Hope this is clearer. Thanks for the help.

Offhand, I’d say the only exercises that lend themselves to one particular fiber types are Olympics, and that fiber type is, of course, fast twitch. Other than that, you can activate either fiber type depending on tempo, rep number, etc.

Just remember, if you’re looking for hypertrophy, you’ll want to stimulate the entire spectrum of muscle fiber types for maximum growth.

Thanks Ike!

While we’re on the topic, I was trying to figure out a good setup for ‘1’ & ‘2’ excercises for legs. I want to do squats and lunges, but since they seem to be more of a total body type workout, I’m not sure what to 'pair’them with (as in: if squats are ‘A1’ then what’s a good A2 excercise?

Here’s a couple ideas:

  1. Depending on your squat stance, you could pair it with something that favors the antagonist of what you’re primarily working in the squats. For example, if you’re doing close-stance, old school BB squats, you could pair it with leg curls, since you’re primarily hitting the quads. Conversely, if you were squatting wide, westside style, then you could complement it with a quad movement, since you’re primarily hitting the posterior chain.

  2. Alternatively, you could just not pair your squats with anything! This would probably lead to greater strength gains, as you’d not be fatiguing yourself with another exercise, and you’d be able to focus purely on the squat. Then, in your subsequent exercises, you could start pairing again. For example:

A1) Squat
B1) Static Lunge
B2) Single-Leg Rev. Hyper

Thanks for the help Ike. I was hoping somthing like that might work.