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Poliquin Super Accumulation Programme


Has anyone tried the above programme? If so what did they find from it? I am currently nearing the end of the first week on this programme and it does seem to be doing what Poliquin stated-losing strength, weight etc.

Any views, I'd appreciate it.


Train harder, more balls to the wall. I believe there's multiple threads that people logged in that used the program, use the search funtion.


I did something like this inadvertently (was doing a different program with the same effect), but didn't take the week off as Poliquin recommended. Moddiness, lost appetite, nearly crying at stupid things...ok, I cried.

I'm still trying to make up the lost strength.

Rest. Eat. Definitely.


Search for "Training til Depressed". Right after Poliquin's article several of us did the program (including me) and logged daily on results, etc.


The Poliquin program messed me up actually far more than he described.
For the second week of the program and two weeks out of it I felt like I would throw up any time I ate anything.

I did not have any sort of appetite post program, struggling to take in even 3000 calories without feeling just awful. (I was taking in 4000 pre-program). Had I been able to still slam down the calories I would have probably recovered quicker.

One week out my squat was still way less than preprogram. My deadlift jumped 25lbs (felt incredibly easy, could have probably done another 25lbs at least).

Pullups went from 6 to 11 reps, and I did 4 reps with 25lbs on me, something I could do 1 of in the past.

Two weeks out, I squatted for single what I squatted for triples preprogram.
Powerclean jumped 25lbs, which is absolutely awesome.

Oh and my vert is 1"-2" higher as well.

I am a tall skinny mofo, struggling to put on weight, but I manage to after busting my ass. Well I put on 5lbs of muscle, and an 3/4" on my arms (very significant at 6'1" 170lbs).

My physique is significantly better, but I totally missed out on that amazing feeling Poliquin described postprogram, quite frankly I felt shittier than I did during the program.

The third week I would have retested but my primary endeavor is Baseball, and I have been prepping the whole week for a showcase event, and didn't think maxing out would be a good idea.

I don't know if my squat has fully improved or not, but I think it has increased my threshold for improvement if it did not improve the numbers. Thus I think my next squat cycle could provide for some huge gains.

Would I do it again?
I'm really not sure. I love training, and all the of time I have had to take is disappointing as I live to lift (my primary stress reliever and way to vent). However, it was kinda of nice as I focused solely on sport specific training for the last couple weeks.

It doesn't apply to most people here at T-Nation but I am now throwing a few mph harder on the mound. A few mph in one month is awesome for pitching progress.


Cheers fellas thanks for the views, will be sure to search under the relevant threads.


tried it, albiet more geared towards strength. most lifts went up 10%, put on close to 4 pounds in the weak after doing it. achieved 5 parallel grip chins with 55 pounds attached at a bw of 170.


May I ask what you changed to gear it more towards strength?


Just use strength parameters. More sets, less reps, higher load. Set a target drop-off and go until you hit it.


These routine titles sound more and more intellectual each week