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Poliquin-style Diet

I was just checking out the thread on the Poliquin-style Diet but where can i find the oringal article or instructions on how it works and what to do?

There’s this thing called the “T-Mag Search Engine”…

You can’t find it because an exact layout doesn’t exist. The thread is a cut and paste job from what a bunch of guys have come up with from Poliquin’s writings, seminars, and training affiliates. We’ve had to do a lot of reading from Serrano and DiPasquale as well. You should be able to find most of what you need in the threads, though.

I already checked the search engine and the Metabolic Diet website. So if you have something sarcastic to say how bout don’t say it at all.

Okay, I’ll do a quick rundown of what I’m doing (I’m 185lbs). Post-workout shake is ~80g CHO, 30-50g PRO. Including the post-workout shake, I get 185g of CHO a day. The kicker, is that you can only get your additional (to the shake) carbs from greens or vegetables. Remember to not include dietary fibre as part of your CHO budget (or you’ll quickly starve to death). In addition to that, I get 185g of fat (about 50% from fish or flax oil), and 370g of protein.

This works out to 1g C, 1g F, 2g P per lb per day.

Every 5-7 days there’s a carb loading day, we’re still working on the formula.

Now, get off this thread and onto the Support Group! As far as I know, everyone is showing absolutely awesome results.