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Poliquin-style Diet Support Group

Here it is: the much anticipated, never duplicated, non-hydrogenated, semi-supinated collection of questions, answers, and sensless babbling. We’ve already had two productive threads regarding Poliquin’s recommendations, so it seems only fitting that we keep with forum tradition and set up a place to post for all those trying or just thinking of trying the diet. JC#10 and I have been getting plenty of emails about all the specifics, so it’s pretty obvious that there’s quite a bit of interest. I know my buddies Steve and Chris are all over the CP scene, too. Anyone else? Here we go…

I think I am going to give it a try in about a month. I’m starting a bulking Mag-10 cycle next week so I might use it to shed some of the fat I gain.

Just a reminder to check out these two threads first: “Poliquin Diet/David Boston” and “poliquin diet.”

so, do you guys know anyone else in the world that eats freaking eggs and greenbeans for breakfast? or how about the weird looks i get in the student center when i eat my buffalo and greenbeans at 9am! also, cressey and i were talking about this, but ever since ive started this diet ive been taking mad shits!

Mad shits is right! I don’t know what it is, but it just hits you out of the blue. You literally have about sixty seconds to get to some porcelain before all hell breaks loose…

Also, eggs and green beans for breakfast are odd, but I gotta one-up ya, bro: 5 oz steak, 2 whole eggs plus 2 egg whites, large salad (broccoli, green beans, spinach, cauliflower, minced garlic), 1 tsp flaxseed oil, 3 fish oil softgels, and a CLA softgel. I can’t believe that I don’t miss my oatmeal!

Are you using the info(macro breakdown) from the David Boston thread to come up with your diet? I’d like to give it a try but I would like to read something on how to set up the diet. Mainly on how many carbs to eat on low carb days and how many cals. for bulking and cutting.

Also since Poliquin uses a different formula for post-workout what kind to yall use or what kind of concoction? I know Poliquin also recommends a certain type of fish oil with a 2:1 ratio of DHA/EPA. Is this necessary or will my member’s mark brand also work? Thanks a lot.

I am three days into my second go round on a Poliquin-style diet, and I have to say, I am liking it so far. Haven’t noticed the excessive shit syndrome, but I am definitely missing my early morning oats. Lethargy and fatigue haven’t been an issue, but then again, I did drop my carbs gradually in preparation for the diet. By the way, I love the weird looks I get when eating at school…I love the weird looks I get from the same people 2 hrs later at the gym though, too, when I am squatting triple their weight:)

I based my calculations on the diet JC posted in the original thread. Here were the macros that I came up with:

Normal Days: 20-21 calories/lb, 2g protein/lb, .9g fat/lb, and .9-1g carb/lb.

Carb-up: 19-20 calories/lb, 1g protein/lb, .6-.7g fat/lb, and 2.5g carbs/lb

In light of some recent stuff I’ve read from Lyle McDonald and my own experience with my first carb up, I’m taking carbs much higher next time, probably closer to 3.2g/lb.

I’m adjusting my post-training carb intake based on total reps performed.

OH HELL YEAH!!! Perfect timing for this…I just printed off all the previous threads on CP/Boston as well as various pieces from CP’s website.

I’ve been doing 5 whole eggs w. 3 cups green beans and 3 fish oil caps EVERY MORNING for quite some time and I look forward to it. A little salt-free lemon pepper seasoning on the green beans and some garlic pepper on the eggs…pure heaven!

I’ve followed Lyle McD’s work for about six years now and knowing his methods as well as CP and Berardi’s, I think one could put together a really incredible diet plan. This is what I have basically done with mine. I thrive on this plan…I think the EFA’s make all the difference in the world. I haven’t even done a carb-up yet other than having two of the Lemon Grow bars last Saturday out of necessity (went to the Husker football game and needed convenience).

Anyone using some of the lesser used supplements that CP and others recommend such as acetyl l-carnitine/PS, CLA, reishi mushroom, ashwagandha etc?

jason your brand fish oils should work. i just get mine at the supermarket, and for the most part i find that all of them fit the ratio pretty well. it doesnt have to be an exact 2:1, but most are usually pretty close.

How about meal frequency? Are all of you doing 8 meals? I’m only at 5-6 and don’t plan to increase until my mass phase. I lean out pretty good with 5-6 meals and as much as I’d love to throw in a couple more meals, I can’t see how this is going to increase fat loss, although I’m sure muscle would be preserved better and workouts would be enhanced as well.

i’m using carnitine before workouts… provides a bit of a buzz and supposedly speeds up fat oxidation, which is useful on a keto. could somebody tell us about CLA and what it (supposedly) does?

Eric - SOOO glad you started this as I have been trying to get the info. necessary to start this type of diet. I hope we all can keep it going. Just to clear some things up - it’s a carb up day every 5-7 days (anyone trying what Alessi recommended in a recent artice, which is to carb up every 4 days or so after being on the diet for awhile)? Also, anyone trying HST while on the diet? Just curious…

Ya, I’m using HST training while on this type of diet. I’m also doing cardio 3-4 times a week, in the form of a three mile run with my dogs. Love the combination of the diet and HST. Lots of energy and strength. BTW I’m dieting right now and keeping the carbs under 100g/dy. Mostly lettuce, green beans, cucumbers, and other greens. Protein is about 200g/dy and fat is about 100g. Most of my protein comes from chicken, beef, tuna and whey. Fats come from fish caps, olive oil(salad dressings) and cashews(which I love) and sometimes a little mayo in some tuna. I’ve been on this diet since June with a weekly carb up on Sun. after 5:00pm til bed. Usually have a little pizza and ice cream. So far I’ve gone from 240lbs. to 209lbs with strength remaining the same and even a little increase on some lifts. Don’t know what my bf% and don’t really care. I would guess around 10%. As a person who has a difficult time losing fat, this diet works great for me. I can cut calories quite low without suffering from cravings and my energy and strength don’t really suffer. I find mentally, I’m much more alert and productive. I imagine this will be a lifestyle diet for me. When I get down to where I’m happy, I will just increase the calories, within the perameters of the diet, and try to add a little fat free mass slowly.

I’ve read quite a bit about CP’s diet protocol. I also own the DiPasquale’s MD book. The diets are clearly very similar, although CP tends to lean toward higher protein intake and adds in post-workout recommendations. Both diets look like a great way to lean out while sparing muscle or to bulk up without gaining fat. My only issue is that it seems that most of the athletes that have had on these diets are pure power athletes. I am a competitive submission grappler and I need high levels of anaerobic endurance and muscular endurance in addition to pure max strength/power. I strength train 4 days per week and train grappling 3 times per week for 2 hours per session. Will a diet like this provide me with enough energy to endure my intense grappling sessions, or do I need more carbs?

Eric, are those calorie protocols different than those going for extreme fat loss or do you just change refeed days (once v. twice a week)?

Lyle has mentioned a few times that he favors a 5 hour refeed @ 50 cals/kg BW, 1g protein/bw, under 15% total cals from fat, rest from carbs. Thoughts?

Jeezus, lookit what Cressey did!!! I wake up this morning - AFTER MY MAD SHITS!!! - and check it out! A kick-ass new thread! Keep it up, people! Raise the roof! Seriously, I believe this “diet” to be virtually bulletproof. I myself have NO problem deleting the carbs (read: no cravings) and my strength AND motivation are waaaaay up! I think it’s the sheer volume of veggies that’s got my turd production jacked. JC#10 rocks!

I have been eating seven meals a day while on this diet, although my first time on it I was doing six (and that seemed to work fine). I am also including some of the smaller additional supplements, namely CLA. As for the whole carb-up issue, I am still debating about what to do this time around in terms of #carbs per kg and duration of carb-ups (don’t have to worry about it until Sunday), but I definitely plan on increasing the frequency of the carb-ups the longer I am on the diet (I should mention that my current goal is leaning out a bit).

I think you can still follow the diet, just a little more loosely. You’ll definately need a little more pre and post work out carbs. I would do this in the form of a protein/carb combo drink like surge or some similar home made concotion. You might also have to add in a small amount of starches like brown rice, yams, oatmeal, ect. Listen to your body. everyone’s needs are different and highly individual depending on genetics, goals and energy expenditure.