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Poliquin Sprint Protocol for Body Comp

I’m doing the Yates inspired program for my lifting with good muscle gains.

Now that summer is approaching I’m trying to get ripped without losing muscle.

I read an article from Poliquin that gave a sprint program to increase growth hormone and testosterone and IGF 1:

400 meter rest 4 minutes
300 meter rest 3 minutes
200 meter rest 2 minutes
100 meter

Do you think this is a good protocol or should I focus on shorter Sprints? Also if doing the Yates inspired program how many days a week would you recommend doing these sprints?

Thank u

I’d start out with shorter distances or a reduced intensity. Then work your way up to a total of 1000 meters. 1-2x per week depending on how intense your other workouts are.

CT running day in here

  1. https://www.t-nation.com/training/athlete-lean-athlete-strong

And here
2. https://www.t-nation.com/training/running-man

Running man is a bit outdated though.

I personally like Charles’ protocol but you need to ease into it by doing some technique work for 2-3 weeks. Something like 4 x 200m at 70-80% to work on technique to avoid injuries.

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This looks like a really good protocol. I will try it this Sunday. Thanks for posting it.

I will do the following:

0.5 mile jog as a warm up. (~5 min)
Mobility work interspersed between 3-5 progressively faster 60 yard sprints. (~10 min)
The protocol you list. (~15 min or a bit less)
0.5 mile cool down jog. (~5 min)

So about 35 minutes or so total. I will probably do some ab/neck work on that day at a separate time, but no barbell lifting.