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Poliquin Split

I’m thinking of starting a rolling five day split. Similar to what Poliquin advocates. Do you think it will allow enough time for recovery if I use compound movements like close grip bench presses and reverse grip chins for arms?

Here is the split I’m likely to follow:
1 Chest and Back,
2 Off,
3 Shoulders and Arms,
4 Legs,
6 repeat
Will doing close grip bench presses for arms when you still have a sore chest have any negative affects?

Sounds like a lot of frequency. Nevertheless, Lots o’ protein, sleep and calories will help. ZMA and Tribex would be a good idea. Lastly, your leg day is gonna suck. Why put it last? I hate legs as much as the next guy, but if you put it first, you won’t hate it as much. If your legs are a strong point, and upper body needs to be broought up to par, then you’re design is correct. However, if upper body needs to be brought up, why no Arm Isolation?

My only recommendation is to make your second training day your leg day. Do your arm workout on the third training day. This will give you a longer break between chest/back and shoulders/arms. I believe someone was doing a split like you have listed, and they had stalled. Poliquin had recommended they change their schedule to Day 1: Chest/Back Day 2: Legs Day 3: OFF Day 4: Shoulders/Arms Day 5: OFF Day 6: Repeat cycle.

I’ve followed this type of split in the past and made good progress. Definitely keep the large, compound exercises in the program! I wouldn’t do it any other way! At least do one compound exercise for each bodypart and then you could follow with smaller movements. Hope that helps.

I’ve used that split for about two years now, and it’s the best one I’ve found. I also split it up the exact same way. Yes, I have done close-grip bench on arms day, and I don’t think it matters if your chest is a little sore. You can feel your chest come into play, but I’ve never had it hurt my recovery of arms or chest. However, if I do schedule in Close-grip bench, I won’t do flat bb bench on chest day. I’d do something like, Incline bb bench, db decline bench, and then some dips.

You should be fine with the close grip benches, but you might want to consider stopping short of your chest by about 4 inches. You’ll find the tension stays right where it belongs… on your triceps. I’m not so sure you can get away with the supine chins though, if what you’re after is full recovery of your back… You’d probably be better off switching to another form of curls, or if you do decide to do the chins, make sure your pulling movements on “chest and back” day are geared primarily towards rowing motions.

Personally I think it’s a pretty crappy training split. You would do better to split your upper body days into push days and pull days organized like this… Day 1: Back, Biceps… Day 2: Legs, Calves, Traps… Day 3: Off… Day 4: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps… Day 5: Off

Yes this split is fine for most people. Personally, I’ve found that the rolling 5 day split has been the best bodybuilding split for me. The routine you post will lead to rapid arm development because you’re actually hitting your arms twice/week…and I don’t think you need to worry about the close grip benches interfering with chest or vice versa

Yeah I like the split you recomend.
In fact ive used something similat for as long as I can remember Im just trying something new