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Poliquin/Sarcev Seminar in Quebec and Montreal


I just wanted to let you know that Milos Sarcev and Charles Poliquin will be giving a Seminar on Hypertrophy in two locations in the province of Québec: Laval (near Montreal) and Québec City, on january 17 to 20. The details are on link http://vinkomorf.com/v2/indextest.html

Please note that places are limited. Both seminars are in English only. If you need more information let me know by email check for the different package lectures only or lectures with training .

We also offer private consultations with either Milos Sarcev or Charles Poliquin. See website for details.


That's awesome! I wonder if Coach Poliquin will make Milos ingest a gallon of pancake syrup and check his blood sugar to show that different individuals handle carbs better. =)
I can't make it for financial reasons but I will be in the area around March 14-22 do you know if there will be anything coming up then? I checked the site but it seems to just show bodybuilding shows.


Actually, Milos and Charles are supposed to be giving another seminar in april or march.... I'll have to call Charles to confirm.


Wow, thanks Chris, much appreciated! I'll definitely send you that beenie via expedited parcel mail!

If any of you guys have questions, feel free to PM me