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Poliquin Principles?


Does anyone know were I can find a copy of Poliquin principles?


I'm not sure where you can find a copy but I'll tell you this: If you do an author search on this site and read all of the articles Poliquin posted here, you will have read 80% of the book. I know because I have a copy. Don't get me wrong, it's a good book but most of the info is here for you already.

If you MUST have a copy, I may be willing to part with my signed addition. :slightly_smiling:


I just heard that he had an article about shoulders in the book, and I was curious because I never heard him talk about training the shoulders.


I tend to disagree, he covers everybody part and even has an excellent chapter on training your rotator cuff. Get the book, your best bet is ebay, thats where I got mine, just keep searching, go to no extenet


This Q&A comes from this article by Charles: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459528

By the way I wasn't trying to say anything bad about the book and it certainly would be a good thing to own a copy. I picked up my copy from a seminar of his that I attended several years ago and I learned a lot! I just think the best parts of the books are his guidelines for program design which can be found on this site.


What about King's Get Buffed series?