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Poliquin principles

Where can I find a copy of this book? I have looked on the web and everywhere I have looked says its out of stock.

If you go to www.addall.com there some book stores out of the U.S. that sell it, but the price is more expensive than what it was sold for in the U.S. and in Canada. It does show up on ebay every now and then, but it usually ends up going for over $50. If you just want to read it you can usually get it through an interlibrary loan from a library, that’s what i ended up having to do.

There was an article on T-mag that described the main principles Poliquin goes over in this book. Just read that article, and you get the basic overview of the books ideas. I would suggest getting some of Poliquins more recent books to get updated info. plus some of the concepts from the “Principles” book.

what do you mean interlibrary loan? Can I do this at any library??

Book is outdated now. Just read his articles on the net or get his Modern Strength Training Trends book at his site.

Mike Mahler

i have it. do you have any other books you would like to trade for it? such as the black book by ct.

also, why do you say it is outdated mike? I thought that good training knoweledge never goes outdated?
Can you give me an example? I just dont understand what you mean. Thanks

You should be able to get an interlibrary loan from almost every library, definately a county or university library could do it. Here it is on ebay:


To Jeep,
One example of outdated knowledge is CP’s recommendation of adding flax oil in your post workout shake. Plus, there’s the pictures which were outdated since the very beginning. Anyone whose ever seen the book can tell you that.
Modern Trends would be the way to go as it contains some of CP’s most recent work.

God forbid you add flax oil to your PW shake. It could ruin everything!

thanks for the replies guys.
Is modern trends basically the same thing but updated? I would Know better than to add flax oil to PWO. Ive pretty much got the nutrition thing down, But in regards to training and sets and reps and stuff, also periodization, Is Poliquin principles better or modern trends?