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Poliquin Principles

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of talk about finding the Poliquin Principles. Well, I spoke to Charles recently and he said that the Poliquin Principles book is going to be updated for 2003 so check back soon

I can’t wait. The real secret to building a better body is getting a daily IV drip and colon cleanse. Details, Chuck!

How much did this “talk” run you? :slight_smile:

It was free. It was at one of Charles’ seminars.

Ike, cruel, but so true! :smiley:

Yeah but how many liters of blood did he take?

And how much did this seminar cost?

Which one of his seminars, John?
Sharing is a beautifull thing, you know… :slight_smile:

I’m going drinkin’ now. Tommarow, when I recover, I’ll dig out my notes and let you all know details.
I’ll tell you now I dished out about $500 for the seminar.

I have the old book need me to fax some copies?

Hey Clarky,

When you get back from your escapade, which I hope you enjoyed:-), would you mind sharing some more info on Chucky P and the seminar? I’m really fond of CP and would love to hear more, especially if he talked at all about nutrition and/or Ian Danney.

Oh, and no, CP is not a cheap-o. I contacted the Poliquin Performance Center in regards to an internship and it costs the intern 3,500 bones.

T-rock, I only charge $2500 for interns to follow me around for a week, and not only do you get cutting edge strength coaching experience, but you get to learn all about whoring yourself out and how moral degredation is actually very anabolic when properly harnessed.

Mark, how can I enroll? As a brand new Personal Trainer I am COMITTED to not only whore myself out, but to be the biggest fuckin whore in the whole gym. Bring on the whoring baby.

Macdougal’s gouging you. For only $1500, you can follow me around for a week and learn the anabolic secrets of buying my lunch, making me coffee, and telling me how great I am. Act now, slots are limited!

the first version was terrible. All of the articles were printed in a magazine and the typos were ridiculous. You had to know what he was trying to say to understand what he was saying. Anybody could have read through the book one time to see the errors it had. But i did sell it on ebay for 20 bucks more than i paid for it. haha.

Its unfathomable to me that people are still buying into this crap. If you want to get strong listen to Dave Tate and Louie Simmons. If you want to get big listen to Christian Thibadeau and Chad Waterbury. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from a $500 seminar which teaches you that a special blood test is the key to training success! I’d like to see him walk into Westside and tell Chuck Vogelpohl, who squats 1025 @220, that he has some kind of mineral deficiency that only a blood test can determine, and this will help his squat go up another 100lbs. How in the world he keeps getting people to drink the poison is beyond me. Take it from some one who’s been there, it took me $50,000, 3 lifelong injuries and no gains in size or strength (actually dramatic losses) for five years before I realized what had happened. Don’t let this happen to you. You’ve been warned.

i like bloatis.

bloatis, good post.

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god damn it bloatis, all this time i thought my problem was a mineral deficiency.

wtf am i supposed to blame my lack of progress on now?