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Poliquin Principles

Does anyone have a copy of The Poliquin Principles they would sell me? I am having difficulty locating this out of print book.

it is very hard to find. i sold mine on ebay for over 60 dollars and i bought it for 29.99 five or six years ago. good luck.

I have his latest book , Modern Trends in Strength Training, but when comparing the two, his earlier book seems to have much more ‘usable’ info. There are several notable errors in this newer book as well.

damn $60??? Who wants mine? Will start the bidding.

I will give you $60 now. I want that book!

How about Manly Weight Loss: For Men Who Hate Aerobics and Carrot-Stick Diets, Finally, a Weight-Loss Program That Melts the Fat and Spares the Muscle ? Does anyone have experience with this book?

I have both Poliquin Principles and Manly Weight Loss. Sorry, but I’m not selling either! Have you checked for used copies on amazon, borders or books-a-million?

Although PP and MWL have some good stuff, I think some of it is a bit outdated. Poliquin has made changes/recommendations that contradicts some of the info in each book.

Shit, for $60 you can have my copy of the Poliquin Principles AND a handjob.

(I’m quite good, by the way. Been practicing on myself for years.)

I have Manly Weight Loss, all of his books actually. It’s ok, pretty thin. It’s German Body Comp. basically.

Youngdurin- I’m not sure if you know this or not, but Poliquin has written a bunch of articles for this site. You can find them all in previous issues. Manly Weight Loss is just German Volume Training, which you can find here at T-mag.

Also, Meltdown Training I, II, and III are really just updated versions of Manly Weight Loss / GVT. Again, these articles archived at this site.

Most of his other major ideas are also here in various articles. I think TC wrote an article called “The Simpletons Guide to the Poliquin Principles” which sums up 90% of it. No need to buy the books really.

Not to be a shithead but there are alot better books out there. I think most of the info is dated anyways. Ciao. :slight_smile:

You can have my copy for free - no kidding. Hopefully, you will find a use for it (as I have none). Send me a private message with your address.


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