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Poliquin Principles

Trying to find a copy of Poliquin Principles is close to finding the fountain of youth. Anyone have a copy that they want to sell?

 I know for a fact some of Poliquin's books are available nowhere else but his own website.

 I think Poliquin Principles is one of them.

 I guess he figured that way he could overcharge for a book you can pay half the price for anywhere else. Good luck! Excellent book, just doubtfull business techniques by our Poliquin there.

 I would strongly advise Poliquin to clean his crap up. I get the impression he's gone as commercial as a mall, and while 8 months ago I wouldve listened to his every word, I rarely even pay attention if he says something new (which most likely will be nothing but an attempt at selling another of his overpriced products, available exclusively from his own website)

Nope; he even says that this one is out of print.

how much you wanna buy mine for?

Same thing here. One copy available for sale. PM your offer. Thanks!