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Poliquin principles book

I was wondering if anyone out there has bought Poliquin’s Book Successful methods for strength & mass development. I was thinking about asking Santa CLuas for the book this year and wanted to know if it would be worth it.

Yes,it is a great book.Its worth your time and money

I was wondering the same thing. More specifically, does he write much in regards to training splits and his updated theories on diet?

Does the book have much new info? Or can I find everything in it in T-mag?

A few years ago when the book came out, it did have a little bit of new info in it. If you’ve read much on t-mag most of the book is old hat. What I would recommend is Ian King’s new book “Get Buffed”.

Yup I have the book too. But you can pretty much find out the same info on T-Mag.