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Poliquin Pre and During Vids




Just thought these were interesting. Any thoughts or comments? and also does anyone use Poliquin supplements? I know use of other supplement companies products is usually disregarded in the forums because most of us use Biotest prods considering they have a full range of all the supps one could need but he's an author and a contributor so I was just curious if anyone has tried his stuff


If the vids don't work look on his youtube page, but they're working on my computer...


Stuff is on the expensive side. Even the stuff that is pretty common. It kinda looks like he doesn't even know what is in his own products.

He does have some big guns for an old dude though.


You get what you pay for...You can pay $50 for BCAA's for eg, that are less refined during the manufacturing process, so it still contains chemicals etc in it...or more for higher quality stuff that has been processed for longer, and require more time.

This is why supp prices vary a great deal...usually chinese manufactured products are rubbish and japanese manufactured are of much higher quality (Poliquin products).

His products have proven to be MUCH more beneficial than any cheaper version from experience.



You are right that you get what you pay for. You pay for voodoo marketed by steroid users and you get voodoo marketed by steroid users.

Carnitine can cause GI distress and diarrhea at 6g, he's got to be getting VERY close to that with that nonsense.


Can u tell us more about your experiences and what products of his you've used?


he looks way different, and in a kind of weird way


I can't speak for Gymjunkie, but here's a quick list, off the top of my head, of Poliquin stuff I've used:

BCAA Excellence (and the 2.0 version)
Beta Alanine Supreme
Uber Zinc
Uber Mag
Methylator Plus 3.0
D3 Excellence
Ultra HCl 4.0
Digest Force
Multi Intense iron free
Topical Mag
Tribulus Supreme
Whey Stronger
Licorice Supreme
Holy Basil
Alpha GPC
Fast Brain
Yang R-ALA
Java Stim

There are probably some things missing from that list, but it gives a good idea of what I've tried. I've used other brands of magnesium, zinc, and ZMA, and noticed more with the Poliquin brand (doses were the same). Same can be said with Holy Basil and tribulus. The Poliquin glutamine seemed better to me, but only after switching back to other brands. I found that Whey Stronger mixed more easily than any other whey that I've tried. Java Stim is basically caffeine with a few amino acids that are supposed to give you the same benefit of caffeine without the jitters, and it works. When comparing brands of BCAAs, I noticed a better result with the Poliquin brand than the Ideal Protein stuff that I had. Poliquin's beta alanine gives me the 'tingle' at a much higher dose, and it feels like a different tingle than other brands that I've tried (which leads me to believe that it was the fillers in the cheaper stuff that made me tingle). Vitamin D is vitamin D. That being said, the gel caps are absorbed better than the chalky tabs. Poliquin's brand happens to be the only one that I can get in 5000iu caps. I did not notice much difference with the HCl products, but the price points are about the same as the other products around me.


Thanks for that. I think I'll give his prods a try if I find myself wanting to buy a similar prod by a diff company, ex BCAA's


So can gluten, but, as I recall from other threads, you eat your fair share of that.

A deficiency in carnitine has been shown to negatively affect the bodies ability to mobilize far to burn as energy. Like everything else, if you have the money for it, it's a pretty effective supplement to use when trying to build lean mass.

J Agric Food Chem. 2011 Feb 9;59(3):777-84. Chemistry behind Vegetarianism. Li D.
Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Zhejiang University, 268 Kaixuan Road, Hangzhou, China 310029.


Thanks for the article on vegetarianism, definitely falls right in line with the target audience of this website.

Also, I think you win the award for worst attempted insult.


Let's not turn this into a flame-fest guys, the OP was asking a genuine question.


Vitamin D is vitamin D. That being said, the gel caps are absorbed better than the chalky tabs. Poliquin's brand happens to be the only one that I can get in 5000iu caps.

I get 400 soft gels 5000 IUs at sams club for just under $10


You also live in Illinois, while I am in Ontario. Stores here do not carry 5000iu gel caps.


NOW Foods makes 5000iu gel caps and sells them online


The most I've seen in Ontario are 4000iu gel caps.


You guys are really fixating on the d3 caps eh? You fail to realize that the OP was asking about the Pre and During supplements (as well as a generic question about the brand).


I have been doing this lifting shit for a long time, and Lord knows how much money I have wasted on some bunk bullshit. I would rather spend more money on stuff that I either know works, or has a much better chance of being the real thing. I think with companies like Poliquin and Biotest, they are the real deal, and more to lose than to gain by fucking over it's customers. They are the only 2 brands I go with.

I have tried:

Fish Oil
Dim Avail
Lean Legs versions 1 and 2

I must say that I have noticed results in each round of supplements, and not a placebo effect. In some cases I have noticed a difference within a few days, either I looked leaner, or my clothes were loser, and I would not attribute it to my diet being in check so much.

When I tried the Ubermag, I went to sleep and felt like I was in a coma. I could barely open my eyes in the middle of the night to piss.

Again a case where you should not criticize anything until you try it for yourself.


did you use the Ubermag Px Plus or whatever, with L-tryptophan? I'm using his Magnesium Glycinate capsules right now, but when I'm done I might go for Ubermag Px Plus again because of the sleep hell.

Also might try out Lean Legs and DIM Avail because I have a lot of fat accumulation on my thighs/glutes. Or I might just eat a lot more broccoli instead of taking DIM Avail.


No I did the original Ubermag, I think the version he has now is different from what I took, it was just called Ubermag.

I think DIM + CalC D Glucarate is the shit, but yea Lean Legs on the glutes worked for me also.