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Poliquin Post-Workout Nutrition Question

I know there are a number of readers who follow Poliquin’s training and nutrition strategies, so I’m hoping someone can answer this/provide insight. On his website, Charles says he uses a post-workout mixture of whey isolates, glycine, and glutamine with atheletes over 10% bf (vs. a Surge-like drink). Does any one know the details on proportions, timing, etc.? Has any one tried this, and if so, how are the results? Thanks in advance.

I’m a big fan of this protocol.
He recomends 1gram of bcaa per 5lbs of of weight or is it lean mass? I forget.
I take about 40-50grams of Ice during my workouts. Depends on how hard the workout is for the day. I’ll usaully have 30-40grams in my shaker cup at the gym then if i busted my ass i’ll dump down another scoop or 2.
45-90min later I have a meal.
Sometimes I even use a P+c meal here something like oatmeal or a fiberous cereal.

This method is working great for me, but then again I respond best to low carb high fat routine. Since I don’t tollerate carbs well I don’t think it’s ever a good idea for me to take in “fast carbs” or carbs that will spike my blood sugar and insulin.
With the exception of a carb load that I do 1-2 times a week. Even then the carbs for the most part have been slow digesting.

I know the timing of the pw shake would be immediately following the last set of the workout. He generally recommends 40-60g of protein and .35 g glutamine/per kg of body weight. I can’t help you with the glycine, however.

Here’s the numbers from the Poliquin interview…the PeakHealth site no longer exists so you can’t find it on the web.

"The amount of protein included in the post-workout shake depends on bodyweight. Each athlete’s post-workout shake includes .25 g. of protein per lb. of bodyweight. For example, a 200 lb. athlete would include 50 g. of protein in their post-workout shake.

The amount of carbs included in the post-workout shake will vary between .25-1 grams of carbs per lb. of lean bodyweight. The number of reps of the workout as well as the nature of the exercises influences the carb intake. For example, the amount of carbs consumed following a squat workout would be greater than after an arm workout.

The amount of glutamine included will vary between .17 to .33 grams per pound of bodyweight. If the athlete is lean, I would go for the lower value. If the athlete needs to improve their body composition, I would choose the higher value instead of adding carbs to the post-workout shake."

Do you guys follow this post workout advice even while bulking?

Why oh why he doesnt put out his own creation of a post workout drink, I just don’t know…