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Poliquin PICP Qualifications


I've Been thinking about applying for the PICP. I was wondering if anyone has done the course, if so what did you think? (specifically, was it worth it?) how long did the course run for & how has it helped you?


My friend did the course, said he had a blast. Unfortunately, that's all I really know about it.


From my understanding it's very overpriced. There are many people in the S&C world whoa re not fond of Poliquin due to his shifty business dealings. These aren't whiny jealous types also.

I would stay away.


That's funny, I was thinking of doing the PICP at one time but I also heard the same thing about Poliquin from multiple sources so I opted out.

I am looking at these instead:



Can you elaborate on these 'shifty' practices?


My main problem was that most of the certifications in Australia still follow outdated strength and conditioning protocol.

When I become a coach i want to get quality results from my clients, so i was looking for a cert. that teaches proper training protocol. I assume its really just something you pick up over time (Read: trail and error).


Well most PICP seem to earn MORE than a good living, your not JUST paying for the qualification..... your paying for the infinate amount of contacts and hitching a ride off his by now world famous name.


I wouldn't count on hitching anywhere.


Name them. What experience do you have in the industry to make this claim? The majority of the crap you read in these forums (not articles)is outdated dogma. I know some great physio's, chiro's, strength coaches, PT's and nutritionists. I know more shit ones though.

Are you planning on being a PT or a strength and conditioning coach? Cause they are 2 different paths whose minimum requirements for certification are very differnet and require you to deal with differnet sporting bodies and insurance companies.

No one course is going to give you "the ticket"... Absorb what is useful and disregard what is not. If your getting into this industry expect your education to never end or join the throngs of retards masquerading as PT's and Coaches.


Doesn't suprise me it would be overpriced.

His book 'The Poliquin Principles" sells on Amazon for like $150. I heard it use to be over $300 which is crazy for a book <200 pages. I've read it, and while its good, its not much better then Thib's books.



I bought this from his website a couple of years ago for about £30.

Hmm, here we go:


There it is, $39.95 It's an interesting book, especially the PWO stuff and hamstring training ideas. Bear in mind when it was written, what has appeared on this website by the man himself and the growth of this sort of writing since then, before dismissing the content outright.


Weird. Looking at amazon now it sells new for $118.38 and there is one listed for $379.96.

Its definately a great book, and the hamstring info was excellent, I agree. I wasn't aware it was a reasonable price on his website opposed to amazon, that's all.