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Poliquin on Meal Combining

Hi guys. Just wanted to see what everyone’s opinion is on Berardi’s recommendations of combining Protein Carb-Protein Fat meals to attain your training and dietary goals. I was looking at Poliquin’s website and he seemed to want to bash these ideas. I have had favorable results personally. The question and response are on his “Ask the Guru” Feb. 2 2002.

my understading is Poliquin is NOT bashing berardi but another sytem of food combining.

I haven’t read the article, but if he is referring to a style of eating I have read about called food combining, it is nothing like Berardi’s P+C & P+F mix. Rather it recommends separating foods based on how your body digests it. This will speed up digestion, and requires protein be separated from carbs and fats. It is an insulin nightmare.

Poliquin is a strength “guru” not a nutritionist, I would just take it with a grain of salt. If meal combining works for you then stick with it.

The question I do believe was geared toward Bernadi’s eating plan, however the answer was not. Whether this was intentional or not I am not sure, but what Poliquin referred to is “food dissociation” which I have to agree with him, regesters pretty high on the BS scale. And NK, next time you submit something to this forum please make sure that you know what you’re talking about.

A word to the wise; you’re just hurtin’ your rep with the tone you’ve been using on the forum. Not alot of people are going to respect your opinions when you come off that way. Be professional; still state your opinions, but do it in a way that doesn’t degrade other individuals.

I don’t know guys. I read the article, and Poliquin seems to be discrediting meal combining of any kind. That would include JMB’s idea. Charles may know a lot about a lot of things, but he can sure be an arrogant asshole.

Im not going to argue with anyone but here is what I think of it. Before anyone (CP or anyone else) has the right to dismiss my ideas, they had better have a thorough, point-by-point analysis of my work along with their rebuttal. I have written extensively here, presenting a 2-part massive eating article along with many follow-up discussions in my column. Therefore if anyone would like to debunk the strategy, wouldnt you think they might need to at least spend is much time as I have backing up their position? A 3-5 sentence Q and A certainly does not meet this criterion.

And the fact still remains that Poliquin isn’t a nutritionist…

What did I say that makes you think I don’t know what I’m talking about? Are you one of those guys that swings on Poliquins nuts? Do think that everything he says is the gospel or something. CP is a strength coach who makes lots of money selling recycled information to people that think they are getting something cutting edge. I’m not quite sure why you had to call me out, I just gave my honest opinion. Maybe you jerk off to pictures of CP’s biceps at night…I don’t know. I know Poliquin is a great strength coach, but I don’t think he knows more about nutrition than JB.

Poliquin wasnt talking about berardi. talk about recycled information. do a search on the forum and you will see this topic already discussed. i think jb even commented about it on that thread. from my understanding he was talking about those wacking food combining diets. actual foods not macronutrients. and i learned more about training from CP than any other person in the world. I love Ian Kings stuff too, but if you read enough of his stuff you will eventually be getting recycled stuff.

I don’t believe that he was talking about Massive Eating either. I have been eating Massive Eating style for years because it simply works. If you can state a theory, back it up with evidence, and then finally, apply the theory successfully, then you have a dream come true. It doesn’t happen very often in modern strength training and nutrition. Massive Eating just that. I’m not sucking up to JB here either. I respect Poliquin just as much and have loved all of his theories and training programs. I just agree to disagree if he is talking about a P+F and P+C eating plan. It doesn’t mean I can’t agree with him on 95% of everything else he does. I just know P+C/P+F meal plan works because of the results I’ve gotten and the literature just makes to much logical sense to not give a thumbs up.

I appologize if I offended either of you, but I was trying to lightly get the point accross that NK most likely didn’t read Poliquin’s QA before responded, and if he says that Poliquin doesn’t know much about nutrition he obviously hasn’t read much of Poliquin’s work. Furthermore, to anyone who says that worship Poliquin has obviously not read many of my other posts.

I take your back and you go and respond with the same type of foolish-natured post? I shouldn’t even have said anything.

You think that your post accomplished anything? You think Kent really cared what you had to say? You think you changed his mind? No.

Two things happen when you respond with a flame:

1) You stoop down to the level of the person you are directing the post to. They could care less what you have to say, and honestly, that's what they want you to do. By responding professionally, or by just ignoring them altogether, you'll probably piss them off even more.

2) You lose the respect of other people reading the thread.

Nothing positive comes out of flaming. Be mature, respond in a professional manner, or just ignore it.

And Kent, thanks for responding the way you did. You'll make a lot more progress that way.

is he talking about food seperation diets ala don lemmon?

does don’s stuff work?

I agree with Goldberg here.

Those wacky “80’s/ New Age” regimens were all about combining certain foods, not in combining certain macronutrients in an attempt to exert natural control over insulin and macro absorption. (By the way…a LOT of research has been published, and is being done, on the association between chronically high insulin levels and eventual pathology. Cool stuff).

A lot of those diets (as they often are) were full of pseudo-Anthropology, broad generalizations, and HUGE leaps in logic.(By the way…beware of any “GURU” who begins the support of their hypothesis with “Our Ancient Ancestors…”!(LOL!)