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Poliquin: No More Androgen Excellence?




I thought the store on the website is unavailable at the moment?


What is Androgen Excellence (what does it contain, specifically) and why can't you find a similar product (hint: you can) ?


It's back, but several items are gone.



"Androgen Excellence raises dopamine levels, and it raises them a lot! It is not uncommon for the sex drive to skyrocket. If your client has tremors during that phase, use less of this product, as the dopamine levels are becoming too high. Some clients, I've found, will only need to take one at breakfast; otherwise they become too wired."

I've been wanting to check out his supplements... want this site to hurry up and be done.


Thats what my post was about a few days ago, apparently je has an even better product out but its not official yet !

And Ponce id MUCH rather herbal stuff from Poliquin as i know its 100% pure and is not shite quality, unlike the hit and miss other crap.

He gives his Olympic stars the same stuff we can buy in the shop so it has to be good.


I think Ponce was hinting that you can find the exact same product under a different company's name (i.e. Poliquin private labels)


I have tried a number of his supplements and had very good success with them. Hell, I remember trying his Uber-Mag for the first time for improved sleep and when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, I could hardly open my eyes. I too would like for his website to also hurry up and get back up to speed.


Has anyone had any luck finding this product or something similar?


Androgen Excellence = Xymogen Viriligen


Product Ingredients: Each softgel capsule:

Horny Goat Weed (20% Icarrin) 75 mg
Yohimbe (10% Yohimbine) 37.5 mg
Tribulus (45% Saponins) 125 mg
Yanhusuo (25% Corydaline) 12.5 mg
Other Ingredients: Soybean oil, yellow beeswax, lecithin, zinc oxide.



can you PM me where you order your xymogen from, I am not having much luck in my search.



I've never ordered it online, and I don't see it available anywhere (which probably explains why Poliquin no longer sells it). There are plenty of other herbal testosterone boosters out there (e.g. Alpha Male).


Ok, I know Alpha Male is a good supp but the androgen excellence was AWSOME!. I saw an 80% increase in T levels from taking it and am furious they are discontinuing it.

Any other thoughts on what to do about this? (other products, make your own, etc...)
I know there are guys out there in the same boat with me, it helped me a TON.


I've never used Androgen Excellence, and it's been quite some time since I used Alpha Male. I like Unleashed and Post Cycle by Protein Factory. They're fairly mild so I usually stack them with Rez-V or with each other.

If you want to make your own, Bulk Nutrition sells a bunch of different herbal T boosters.



Did you have your T levels measured via a lab?

What was the duration of the 80% increase? I mean over a month that is excellent. Over six months it is actually pretty poor.

Did you change your dietary lipid intake in this period?


There's a website that sells this for at least half the price but a different name. There a quality site too, they bottle all their own supps with trademarked and patented ingredients.


Don't provide a link or anything.


In the event that he doesn't detect your sarcasm, please post a link.


radaruckus, we would all appreciate a link to where we can obtain this equivalent to Androgen Excellence.